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Audi are sleek, sexy cars designed to outperform their competitors, and they look good doing it. The brand is built on its performance, commitment to excellence, and newfound drive to reduce emissions and create a cleaner, more sustainable business and vehicular model.

Some models have known engine problems that drivers are warned about by fellow Audi owners upon purchase. Others develop problems due to being driven roughly, poor maintenance, or one-off bad parts from the manufacturer.

Whatever the specific reason, no Audi is perfect, which means that as an owner, you should be aware of the common engine problems that Audis may run into during the course of their life on the road.

Common Engine Problems: Mechanical Failures

Mechanical failures can be simple fixes or complex repairs. Either way, once the damage is done, it needs to be tended to immediately.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are perhaps one of the most common engine problems, regardless of make and model. In an Audi, the issue is usually (but not always) the result of a bad valve cover gasket. However, it’s also not uncommon for oil to leak from the camshaft tensioner. In most cases, the parts will have to be replaced, which is a relatively inexpensive resolution compared to the danger of oil leaking into the wrong parts of the engine.

Exhaust Failure

Unfortunately, one of the more common engine failures in an Audi occurs when the catalytic converter stops working. This part is responsible for reducing pollution released by your vehicle. You can’t pass your emissions test without it. Typically, the catalytic converter fails when it becomes clogged with carbon buildup from natural wear and tear, although leaking fuel or oil can also be culprits.

Common Engine Problems: Electrical Failures

Electrical failures are unfortunately common in Audi, but the fixes are typically fairly simple, if caught in time. If you suspect that your Audi is exhibiting the symptoms of an electrical failure, it’s important to get your care looked at by a professional mechanic right away.

Ignition Failure

The single most common issue Audi has with their engines is the failure of their ignition coils and spark plugs. Misfiring or burned-out spark plugs can cause your vehicle to jolt, be slow to accelerate, or refuse to accelerate at all. If your spark plugs are completely dead, your vehicle may not start at all or may stall repeatedly in traffic or while parked. Faulty coils, on the other hand, can cause your engine to misfire, idle roughly, and may even affect your gas mileage.

Electrical Component Failure

Audi is one of many car manufacturers making a hard push for more electronics in their systems. From fully-digitized dashboards to advanced computer technology in their engines, it’s hard to find part of their design that hasn’t been revamped. Unfortunately, this also means there are plenty of chances for electrical failure. Some of the common electrical issues in your Audi may include:

  • fluctuating or non-functioning tail lights
  • malfunctioning digital displays manifesting as a flickering or burned-out display
  • battery issues, such as poor terminal connections or an improperly charging battery

Engine Failure Prevention

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” fix to keep these issues from happening with any vehicle. As an Audi owner, your best bet is to keep to your vehicle’s suggested maintenance schedule, drive easy, top off your fluids regularly, and address any concerns with your mechanic as soon as you notice an issue.

Frequently, vehicle owners unknowingly cause more damage by ignoring simple warnings from their vehicles, such as check engine lights or small noises. If you suspect that your vehicle is not performing up to its standard, don’t hesitate to ask your mechanic about your suspicions.

Hayes European is Here to Assist You

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Whether you need regular, scheduled maintenance, an inspection, or engine diagnosis and repair, our certified technicians will make sure that your luxury vehicle is tended to by only the best. All repairs are performed with the latest diagnostic and factory-specified equipment, and we hold our technicians to the highest standard. Call us today.

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