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Electrical Repair

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Welcome to Hayes European, where unparalleled expertise meets exceptional care in automotive electrical repair. Nestled in the heart of Santa Cruz, CA, we are your go-to specialists for a wide range of high-end European vehicles. Our highly skilled technicians bring years of experience and precision to every service, ensuring your vehicle is in the best hands.

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Our Specialization

At Hayes European, we take pride in our specialized knowledge and technical proficiency in servicing the following brands:

Common Signs Of Electrical Issues

  • Dimming or flickering headlights: If your headlights are not as bright as usual or flicker while driving, it could indicate an electrical problem, possibly with the alternator or battery.
  • Slow or hesitant engine cranking: A weak battery or failing starter motor can make your engine a little slow to start — and can eventually stop it from starting at all.
  • Dashboard warning lights: Illuminated warning lights on your dashboard, such as the check engine light, battery light, or ABS light, can indicate various electrical issues that need attention.
  • Electrical accessory problems: Malfunctions in power windows, door locks, mirrors, or the radio can point to issues with wiring, fuses, or switches.
  • Frequent blown fuses: Fuses are there to protect your electrical components, so if you’re having to replace them often, you have to ask, what is causing enough of a problem that they’re being sacrificed to protect your car so often?

Why Choose Hayes European?

  • Expert Technicians: Our team is equipped with the latest tools and ongoing training to handle complex electrical systems of all listed models.
  • Quality Assurance: We only keep high-quality parts on our shelves, so you can be sure your vehicle will maintain its integrity under our care.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We truly get customer service, and we take the time to get to know you and your vehicle.
  • Convenient Location: We’re located in Santa Cruz, so we’re just a short drive away from a number of nearby communities.

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Serving Our Community and Beyond

While we're based in Santa Cruz, our reputation attracts clients from surrounding areas, and we're proud to extend our services to:

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