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Audi is known around the world for the luxury cars they produce and the comfort and performance they provide. The company is dedicated to creating vehicles that work efficiently and developing new technologies that they are able to integrate into their products. Though they have created many luxury vehicles, your Audi may still experience an issue from time to time. One issue that has become increasingly common in some Audi’s is with a failing electrical system.

When you experience any electrical issues in your vehicle, it can be frustrating and confusing to deal with. Since electrical issues can be tough to identify, you have to pay close attention to problems as they arise so you can explain the issues thoroughly to your mechanic. Even though it is tough to identify electrical issues, there are some common symptoms you may notice.

Display Issues on Your Audi

One very obvious and common sign of an electrical problem on your Audi is with the display screen located in your vehicle. Most modern vehicles have LCD displays for their screen that provide the driver with information about your car. If you have an issue with the electrical system, this could cause issues with the display screen not lighting up properly.

For example, the display system may only be partially lit or it may not work at all. If you start to notice the system is fluctuating and is not working properly, it could be the result of an issue with the electrical system in your car. The display screen on most modern vehicles is vital to the proper function of the car because it is where you get most of your information, so if it begins to malfunction, take it to a professional mechanic to determine the cause.

Failing Power Window Motor

The first problem you may experience if you are dealing with an electrical issue on your Audi is with the power window motor. Since most drivers use their windows fairly regularly, if you begin to notice it malfunctioning, it may be time to check the electrical system in your car. The motor that allows you to control the up and down motion of the window may blow out due to electrical issues. If it does blow out, it will need to be replaced and the electrical system will need to be inspected.

Problems with Your Brake Lights

Another common issue that Audi drivers have experienced when dealing with a failing electrical system in their car is with the brake lights not being able to turn on. This is generally a result of the brake switch failing because of an electrical malfunction. When dealing with an electrical malfunction it can put stress on various systems in your car causing them to fail.

Paying attention to the frequency of these issues will be a good indicator if the part is failing, or if there is another cause for the failure. If you’re unsure if you have an electrical issue, it still may be a good idea to take your vehicle in for inspection where someone will be able to help determine the issue.

Controls Damaged by Liquid in Your Audi

The center console on your Audi is the location for various functions to your vehicle, such as the navigational system, the dashboard, the radio system, and various other things that help make your car more enjoyable and efficient. The location of the MMI unit is located near the cup holders in certain Audi models. It has been a common issue for people to spill their drinks and damage the system. This creates an electrical malfunction, which causes failure to the MMI unit and its various functions. This is more of a user error, but it can be prevented if you’re cautious and know that it is a problem that frequently occurs.

How We Can Help

If you think you may be experiencing electrical issues in your car or you may have spilled a drink on the center controls, taking your car in for a visit at a trusted mechanic might be a good idea. At Hayes European, we have skilled technicians who will be able to identify the issues you’re experiencing with your Audi and can help determine the best course of action in order to fix it.

Audi A1 Sportback

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