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Engine misfiring is a common automotive issue, and has recently been documented in Audi vehicles more frequently. If you are an Audi driver, this article can provide you with a little more information about engine misfiring and how to address it.

What happens when an engine misfires?

Engine misfiring is a concerning symptom that drivers must address with haste and efficiency, as it can indicate serious issues that lie beneath the surface symptom. Engine misfiring can be interpreted by drivers as vehicle hesitation or stumbling, usually during acceleration. When a cylinder fires, it requires a few main systems to be working properly; the fuel system; the air intake system, and spark or ignition parts. If any of these parts aren’t working properly, it can lead to engine misfiring, as the fuel and oxygen mixture cannot ignite.

Is this a common Audi issue?

Engine misfiring is not a unique automotive issue to encounter, and all cars are susceptible to experiencing misfiring under the right conditions. However Audi vehicles in recent years have been reported as running into increased cases of engine misfiring, and the cause isn’t quite clear. If you are an Audi driver, it is important to remain aware of any concerning changes in your car’s performance and to address them right away.

Other signs that may accompany engine misfiring

Engine misfiring is a complex issue that can be derived from a number of different sources. Your Audi may exhibit other symptoms that can alert you and your automotive technician to where the problem originated and help you find the best course of action to fix it.

  • Check-engine light – depending on where the problem is coming from, your check-engine light can be a valuable source of information; it emits a code that will let you know where exactly the problem occurred.
  • Rough running conditions – other rough running conditions like hesitation, stumbling, surging, and stalling are common to experience alongside engine misfiring. This can lead your technician to follow the trail of crumbs toward a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Lowered fuel efficiency – one of the more common symptoms that occurs alongside engine misfiring is lowered fuel efficiency. This is problematic, as Audi vehicles are known for their efficiency. When fuel is used ineffectively, it can lead to fuel being wasted quickly.
  • Emissions test failure – engine misfiring can take a serious toll on your Audi’s emissions, often leading to emissions test failures. Your trusted Audi technician will want to inspect your air intake system to check for faulty or failing parts.

What could engine misfiring indicate?

There are three main areas that your Audi technician will want to inspect to help determine the main source of the engine misfiring. These are the three most common areas to investigate:

  • Problems with ignition – this can include failing spark plugs and ignition coils, both of which will certainly cause engine misfiring as the lacking spark to ignite the fuel/oxygen mixture is not sufficient.
  • Problems with the fuel system – a few of the main causes of engine misfiring related to the fuel system are: a corroded or aged EGR valve and clogged fuel injectors and filters.
  • Problems with timing – if your Audi’s timing is off, it could be related to an off-center timing chain or timing belt. This will not only lead to engine misfiring, but if the timing belt or chain snaps it can lead to catastrophic engine damages.

Two things you can do to address the issue efficiently

There are plenty of tasks involved in properly caring for your Audi that can help prevent issues like engine misfiring. However, if you do experience engine misfiring, there are two main tasks you need to accomplish:

These two tasks alone can put you on the right track to restoring your Audi to its optimal level of functioning and performance.

What we can do to help you

The Audi specialists here at Hayes European have Audi Dashboard performed countless diagnostic procedures for clients experiencing engine misfiring in the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. Engine misfiring is a serious symptom that drivers should not ignore—the problem will only worsen and take more of a toll on your vehicle. If you’ve recently experienced engine misfiring in your Audi, or any of the other accompanying symptoms mentioned here in this article, then it’s imperative to have the problem addressed and fixed immediately. To schedule an appointment with one of our Audi experts, please call us right away.

* Audi V8 FSI Engine image credit goes to: ymgerman.

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