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Owning an Audi is the height of luxury. The Audi has always been known for its performance and for its sleek appearance. Every model is beautiful and fierce to look at. In order to keep up the appearance and function of your Audi throughout the years, maintenance and upkeep is required. One of the things that will require maintenance as your Audi ages is oil leaking from valves. There are a few symptoms that you should know or be aware of that will indicate to you if your Audi is leaking oil from the valves. If you notice any of the symptoms discussed below, you should take your Audi in for servicing right away.

The Smell of Burning Oil

As your Audi ages, the valves and valve covers may experience oil leaks due to the possibility that it is cracked, pinched open, or worn out. If one of these things occurs, then oil will leak from the valve onto other parts in the engine such as the fuel intake, exhaust pipes, and the cylinder head. The burning smell of oil will become evident soon, as these three parts are very hot, causing the oil will burn once it touches them. The burning smell can be recognized very easily. If you smell burning oil, you need to take your Audi into a servicing center as soon as possible.

The Engine Has Low Oil

Your Audi will always let you know when a fluid is low or if a part is not functioning as it should. This is the purpose of all the warning and indicator lights on your dashboard. When the engine low oil light illuminates, then you know that your Audi has low oil. If this does not happen that often, then you may just need an oil change and there is no leak.

However, if you notice that the light is coming on a lot more than it should, that might point to an oil leakage. If you notice the light coming on often, speak to your Audi mechanic. If it is an oil leak from the valve,it is best to catch this as soon as you can.

The Valve Cover is Very Dirty

If you are looking under the hood of your Audi at the valve and the cover looks dirty, that can be an indication that oil is leaking. As you are driving, dirt, dust, and other environmental things can get under the hood. They will normally not stay there, but if oil is leaking then the dust and dirt will stick to the oil. This is why the valves will look dirty. The valve cover is not supposed to be dirty like this, so this is a great indication that oil is leaking.

Even if you don’t look under the hood, the technicians will check the valves for you when you bring your Audi in for an oil change. As part of the oil change and inspection process, the technicians will look at the valves and the valve covers to ensure that there are no leaks.

Audi Oil Leak Repair

Servicing Your Audi for Oil Leaks

Hayes European is conveniently located in Santa Cruz, but we also service to the surrounding locations of Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. At Hayes European we take pride in offering the best customer service by providing dealership-quality repairs and maintenance at an affordable price.

We strive to keep all our customers happy so they will keep coming back to us. For you, this means that your Audi will be taken care of by one of our certified technicians using the latest and up to date diagnostic equipment. When you bring your Audi in to us to inspect an oil leak coming from the valves, you can expect that we will give you dealership-quality part replacements without the dealership pricing. Each model of Audi requires a certain type of servicing and you can take heart in knowing that all of your technicians know what the proper servicing should look like.

Don’t trust your Audi to just any mechanic — bring it to Hayes European, where our experience with foreign cars means we know exactly what to look for and how to keep your car in the best shape possible.

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