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Are There Any Frequent Electrical Problems in Audis?

Audi is known around the world for the luxury cars they produce and the comfort and performance they provide. The company is dedicated to creating vehicles that work efficiently and developing new technologies that they are able to integrate into their products. Though they have created many luxury vehicles, your Audi may still experience an [...]

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Ways to Detect Issues in a Porsche’s MAF Sensor

Your Porsche is a machine that has been finely crafted with care and expertise. Every square inch was designed thoughtfully with function and performance in mind. Those who have the privilege of driving models such as the Cayenne and Boxster know how lucky they are to be behind its wheel, and they generally care for [...]

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Dear Valued Customers,

During the Covid-19 outbreak we are open and ready to serve the community and will be open regular hours. We are also offering our customers 20% off their repairs.

We have taken aggressive measures to sanitize surfaces that are prone to human touch and will do so on a continuing basis. In addition we will make certain that as we interface with you at the counter, handle your keys, answer questions and clean your car and take payment we will maintain proper distance and sanitize the touch points in your car. We can also offer out Pick-up and Drop-off service so you don't have to leave your home.

We are committed to your safety and well being and will comply with any restrictions imposed by authorities.

We are here to support all of our clients as best we can for as long as we can, and we hope that you will take advantage of our 20% discount at this time.

Don't hesitate to call the shop at 831-269-5858 with questions or to schedule an appointment.