Know What Our Santa Cruz Customers Think About Us

“I recently bought my first Mercedes Benz. I love my car but was VERY concerned about finding a good Mercedes service center. Sometimes women can get taken advantage of when it comes to auto service and repair so I always struggle with finding someone honest. Hayes European might be the last honest luxury auto service center on the planet. It’s such a relief to have a Mercedes Specialist who is honest and doesn’t create repairs in order to make more money.

If you are considering taking your car to another Mercedes specialist, I encourage you to compare the service, cost, honesty and integrity of your shop to Hayes by simply giving them a try and deciding for yourself!”

Anna B., Santa Cruz Mercedes Owner and VERY HAPPY Hayes European customer!
“This the the BEST shop I have ever been to. I initially took my (new to me) 2006 Volkswagen Jetta Turbo down there for an oil change and a general look over. This was a Saturday, BTW.

Car checked out alright, but a month or so down the road I had myself towed out of BFE on Page Mill Road neal Palo Alto because I was out of oil. Yes, they were so good and nice I had it towed THAT far.

I actually am looking forward to my car breaking down so that I can go back. They are THAT good.

Anyways, turns out that I had a busted PCV valve. They gave me a quote for the service, and asked if I had gotten a warranty for my car. I said yes, and the mechanic actually took the time to do all of the legwork for me, calling the dealer, etc. He called me to give me the diag anf the final quote but said, “you know, I can do it for you for XX (BTW, REALLY reasonable) but so-and so at the dealer wants to talk to you b/c he wants to do this (uncovered) work free of charge. So long story short, I took the path of least resistance and took the free repair, but…

Not only did they not charge me for the initial diag when I had my car towed in (plus 3 qts synthetic oil) but they wanted NOTHING for the 2nd diag — I know thats like $180 most places — and I tried to pay! They took the time to pull all of their resources/connections and didn’t expect a thing. I was shocked, pleased, and now I will be a lifelong customer of this shop. They are definitely old school, in a good modern way. Love it. Go here. :)”

Emily K. - Volkswagon Jetta Owner and VERY HAPPY Hayes Customer!
“I just moved back home from work in Seattle and was looking for a good shop for my BMW 335I. Hayes was perfect! The guys there, Brian and John, were very knowledgeable and treated my car and I with a custom individualized service.

I had previously been to other high end BMW dealerships and paid over inflated costs for service that was very simple. I am no longer going back to the dealership for service now that I found this shop. I recommend this shop to anyone looking for premium service at very fair prices.”

Stu N., Santa Cruz, CA
“I have owned 2 VW Jetta in the past 10 years and I have had my fair share of mechanics. I have been to the VW specialists who convince you that something is wrong with your car and they have to take everything apart to replace a $20 piece so it is going to take a week and cost an arm and a leg. I just had my first visit with Hayes European and it was probably the best experience I have had with a mechanic. I went in for a standard oil change but I wanted them to check my coolant because I suspected it might be leaking. I had heard that fixing my coolant container could cost up to $800 because you have to take everything apart and such. The guys at Hayes told me it would cost about $150! Amazing! They even let me borrow one of their cars since I had to leave my car overnight! I have found my the best mechanic ever and I would recommend them to everyone!”
Lauren G., Santa Cruz, CA
“I don’t have a European car, but I’ve been a fan of the new co-owners work for a couple of years now.

I’ve got a 2006 Scion xB and I drive a lot for work (110k miles on the car). I know NOTHING about the mechanics of cars, so I’ve always trusted Brian to do my work. Upon my arrival, I was greated by both Brian and John. They both looked at each other with a concerning pause and then took the car out for a test ride with me to discuss what I thought was wrong.

One quick trip around the block and the diagnosis was underway. They then put the car up on the rack to discover that the transmission was going out. They needed more time to look into the transmission, so I left the car with them. A day later, Brian called to say that the transmission needed to be replaced. Gulp!!! I let him know that my money was pretty tight and that a major repair would really hurt during the holidays. He listened and said he’d need to call me back after he did a little research. Another day later, he called to say that he found a used transmission with 1000 miles on it. I was very greatful!

A couple days later the car was done and he even had the front alignment done, too. An unexpected suprise that I didn’t even mention as an issue, although I did notice it myself before the car was in his shop.

The fees were exactly what they should be for such great service! Since then, I’ve started taking my wifes car to them as well. She really likes the interior of the waiting area. Pretty professional for what is usually thought of as a ‘dirty job’.

Thanks Brian! Thanks John!”

Drew E., Aptos, CA
“The professionalism and speed in which they handle all my needs is very comforting. Again I am a mechanic I know what I am getting and what I am not. They don’t just do this with me. I wanted to put them to the test. I sent them the pickiest customer I could find, my stepdad. He was ecstatic. If he is happy they must be doing something right. I recommend this shop for any foreign car.”
Schyler, Another satisfied Hayes Customer in the Santa Cruz area
“I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Called two BMW dealers near my home and got a quote of $1200 and a quote of $1400 for a job on my ’07 328i coupe. I called Hayes because of the good Yelp reviews, and was out the door for just under $800.

They were nice to me, they gave me a beater to drive to work in Santa Cruz while they did the work, and they saved me $400-$600. The problem hasn’t come back.

‘Nuff said, really. Can’t speak more highly of a place than this.”

Sean B., San Jose,CA
“I normally don’t write reviews, but I felt compelled to tell others about the outstanding service I received from Hayes.

I was debating whether to use a coupon to a BMW dealership for my 2006 330i, but didn’t feel like driving to San Jose to drop it off. I decided to check around and see what shops were in my area that had good reviews. I found Hayes, and on their website they had a special for the same price as the coupon I had. I called them up, and they were able to squeeze me in right away. The price was excellent, but more importantly, the customer service from Brian was awesome! He let me know I also needed a brake flush (something the last shop I had taken it to not but a few months ago neglected to tell me) and quoted me for it. He also took the time (at 5pm on a Friday afternoon) to price out service for my girlfriends car as well, as well as inspect the brakes for her!

When I brought my car back to get the brake flush done, it was LESS than he quoted me. I checked out the invoice I had and noticed he charged for REAL TIME, not rounded, and was very pleased about this. Numerous other shops end up rounding the time out.

I also had the please of meeting Brian’s father, the original owner of the shop. A very nice and interesting man who even gave me some advice on a restoration project I have my eye on in the future.

Needless to say, the customer service alone is worth going here, but their prices for working on BMW’s (I cant speak for others, but I would assume they are just as good) are fantastic! You can’t go wrong, even if you are just asking them to check something out for you. I highly recommend them, and while I hope I don’t have take my car to the shop anytime soon, I certainly won’t mind when I do.”

Eric R., Santa Cruz,CA
“I needed my car ship shape in a hurry for a visit to Tahoe–the team at Hayes had me on the road in one day–awesome service, so happy. My shop for life.”
Pamela W., Soquel, CA
“Wow. Brian’s the owner?! SHOUT OUT TO BRIAN!!! Just picked up the Mercedes from him. These guys are super friendly, honest, and personable (which is somewhat of a rarity in the car shop business…) Great customer service is getting harder to find, so THANK GOD i need look no further. We will absolutely be a returning customer–This place just became my go to spot. P.S. And they’re less than a 10 minute walk from my house? OMG. I’m in love.”
Jerome and Baker D., Santa Cruz, CA
“I can’t say enough good things about Hayes European and especially Brian, who runs the show there. They are professional, fair and equally important, great to work with. I have them service my 1999 M3 BMW and it’s kept in top shape. Brian goes the extra distance to make sure that your car is repaired completely, correctly and that you’re pleased. It’s amazing to watch him work . . . Brian is a super-sleuth when it comes out to diagnosing a car and getting the work done efficiently.”
Jeremy L., Santa Cruz, CA
“I work in a local business down the street from Hayes and my car kept leaving me stranded. Finally, I got in touch with Brian. Not only did he come help me right on the spot, he managed to do some grueling troubleshooting and got my car fixed before I had to work the next day. The detailing job alone was worth the money. Not to mention the safe ride home and pick up the next day. These guys totally saved me and they are unbelievably affordable. I will NEVER go anywhere else! We are so lucky to have them in Santa Cruz!”
Connie B., Happy Hayes Customer!
“I needed a brake job on my bmw and it’s Saturday. I went down the list of local BMW shops and Hayes was the ONLY one open!  Not only that but it was only about 200 for parts and labor and was done in an hour flat. Close to coffeetopia. Very friendly guys there too. I think I found my new repair shop!”
Josh G. - Santa Cruz BMW Owner and HAPPY Hayes customer!
“Love these guys! My 2001 BMW turned out to be a financial nightmare and I am quickly getting rid of it but I plan to take my new car to them. They go above and beyond to try and rectify any problem you have. I had taken my car to Specialized Auto for years but when they replaced a perfectly good fuel pump for $1800 instead of figuring out there was a problem with the $150 key, I was done with them.

So glad I found Hayes European, they are awesome!

Thanks Kacey, Brian and John!”

Isabel D. Santa Cruz, CA
“First time in today (for an inspection and oil service on my BMW).

Brian is great – very straightforward, detailed, listens well and appears very knowledgeable.  Prices in line with others – they charge about the same hourly for good labor but appear to avoid charging the inflated ‘book’ hours that dealers and other techs like to pad their bills with, instead charging you for actual time spent on the car.  Imagine that.

He clearly wants to continue building a great business and I’m headed back later this week for a couple of items we noted need servicing (but require ordering of parts).

Could we have a very competent, likable German auto tech business in Santa Cruz finally?  I’m thinking likely!”

Matt C., Santa Cruz, CA
“These guys really are thorough and do a great job. Brian is as knowledgeable about BMW’s as anyone I’ve ever been around. When I upgrade from my 325 to my M Coupe, I will make sure Hayes handles all services.”
Todd H. - Santa Cruz BMW Owner
“Our daughters 1992 Volvo 940 died in the middle of a downtown Santa Cruz intersection stranding her before afternoon class.

Since we live out of town I started checking out the reviews on Yelp and decided to go with Hayes, gave them a call and they did the rest.

John dispatched a tow truck to rescue daughter and the Volvo. Within the hour the car was at the shop and we were discussing worst case scenarios.

Not to fear, our Volvo was given priority and Mario managed to quickly resolve an electrical wiring problem. In less the two hours our daughter and Volvo were back on the road.

Hayes Euro is customer service and expertise the right way…”

Ray, Volvo Owner
“Back in April, I acquired a 2005 Volvo V50 Turbo Wagon (6sp manual trans), lovingly dubbed “the manwagon”. It was slightly overdue for service, so the first thing I did upon returning to SC was to research Volvo shops.

When I had my M3 circa 2008, I used to go to Specialized Auto. They’re practically a Volvo dealership so they were first on my list. I called them up for a quote on the 75K mile service I needed done. They quoted me around $400. Owch. Time to get a-sleuthin’.

Called up another shop (Saab Pearce European), since they listed themselves as Swedish car experts. Their quote: $300ish. Funny enough, their shop is located right behind Hayes European. Go figure.

Anyway, cut to the chase. 3rd time’s the charm, I called up Hayes European and was quoted $180 for the service. Both Brian and Christian were extremely friendly and helpful. Service was timely and efficient. But that’s not all. Here’s what makes Hayes European stand out above the rest of the competition:

Loaner Cars. That’s right. You can skip public transit, foot, and pedal while your car’s in the shop. No extra charge, either. How can you go wrong? Or maybe you just need a lift back home or to work. No problem, they offer complementary shuttle service, too!

Open 7 days a week. That’s virtually unheard of for a small-scale independent shop. Let me tell you, nothing sucks like having to wait a whole weekend to get your car worked on, so this is a huge bonus!

Open late! Better still they’re open til 8. Again, above and beyond!

I definitely recommend this shop to anyone who wants extra care for their European car but at competitive prices and with tons of extra perks!”

Bradley O., Capitola, California
“What an awesome local SC shop. I was worried about using another shop to work on my BMW but stranded in SC and not wanting to have it towed all the way back to Pleasanton I put my faith in trying out Hayes European from a referral from my aunt who is a Santa Cruz local that gets all her and the families vehicles serviced here. The owner Brian was very knowledgeable and very helpful. I got my 5 series BMW done 2 days sooner that expected and cheaper than they quoted me. Thanks to you guys my car is running better than ever, really. Will definitely pass the word to all my SC friends and will be coming back for scheduled maintenance, totally worth the drive. Also good to know that they also service domestic cars as well . Thanks again Hayes European!!”
Sergio E., Pleasanton, CA
“Great asset for owners of European cars in Santa Cruz. As long as I live in SC, I will bring my cars here. In addition, everyone is very friendly and kind. Also, very fair pricing and the quality is in the top tier. If you have a Euro car, it is great to know that you do not have to drive to San Jose/San Francisco to get such great service!”
Michael M., Santa Cruz,CA
“Thought I’d add another 5 star review. I saw all of the 5 star yelps and couldn’t believe it, but it’s true. Brian fixed my wife’s Mercedes and worked with me on doing the repair at a price I could afford. He also diagnosed issues on my BMW and other ones on the Mercedes so I could fix them myself.”
Eric S., Soquel, CA
“I just moved to town and needed help putting in a car seat for my 10 month old soon. I called ahead of time and spoke to Brian. He was so friendly and told me to come on down. Brian is AMAZING! He took time out of his busy schedule to make sure my old car seat came out and the new one was in there safe and sound. I feel so lucky to have found this shop. I plan to service my car here every time.”
Pilar and Calen P., Capitola, CA
“Hayes did an AWESOME job for a super good price on my 1981 Mercedes 300SD. My car needed a loooot of work and they took good care of it, explaining what needed to be done and what I needed to do to maintain it – all without that attitude some shops give female customers. Also… not only was it running smoothly again, it was clean and sparkly! I hope I don’t need to come back in soon, but whenever I need service, I’ll head to Hayes.”
Jessica T., Santa Cruz, CA
“As a woman, I have a hard time trusting the auto industry. I know this sounds sexist, but many people feel you do not know what the heck you are talking about (which may be true) and take advantage of you. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. This is the first shop, that I feel 100% confident that I can trust in the cost, quality, and service of every experience I have had with them. Brian, and John, the owners are extremely involved and go out of their way to ensure your experience is the best. The quality of work, and customer service is excellent. Brian even let me use a rental car when a repair was going to take an extra day due to a part that needed to be ordered.

I go to Hayes, with all of my auto repair needs, from oil changes, to major repairs. You do not need to have European care to have them work on your car. I have a Denali, and my husband has an Audi (his baby) who he trusts to do custom work on.

Don’t even think about it- go to Hayes for any of your auto repair needs.”

A Happy Hayes European Customer

Services Offered

  • Air Conditioning
  • Clutches
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Extended Warranty Repair
  • Electronic Diagnostics
  • Mufflers
  • Struts and Suspension
  • Tune-ups
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Electronic Diagnostics
  • Engine Repair and Replacement
  • Fluids Check
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Radiator Service
  • Tire Balance, Replacement and Rotation
  • Wheel Alignment

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