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Audi are well known for the incredible vehicles that they produce. Offing sophistication and innovative engineering world wide, it really isn’t surprising that Audi is such a motoring mainstay. However, after being embroiled in recent emissions test scandals, Audi’s squeaky clean image has lost some of it’s shine. This has meant that Audi drivers have to be even more vigilant which it comes to their vehicle’s emissions systems.

One part of your Audi that can make or break passing your vehicle’s emissions tests is the catalytic converter. Read on to find out all you need to know about the catalytic converter, including its function, signs of failure, and where to go for help.

The Catalytic Converter

Located inside the exhaust system, the catalytic converter is in essence a miniature chemistry lab. Visually appearing like an unassuming mental tube, the catalytic converter is actually one of the most essential and expensive parts of your Audi. The catalytic converter is in charge of creating chemical reactions which transform toxic gases produced by combusting fuel into emissions that are safer for you as a driver, other motorists and pedestrians, as well as the environment. To make the necessary conversions happen, your converter uses palladium and platinum. These elements are appealing to thieves due to their value, which is why, unlike earlier models of cars, your catalytic converter is now stored neatly out of reach.

Common Causes of Failure

The catalytic converter is designed to last the complete lifespan of your Audi. This means that any failure, unless due to an inherent fault in the part, is caused by a direct result of the failure of other parts and systems. In general, high mileage and poor engine function will most greatly impact the lifespan of the catalytic converter. However, singular part failures can also contribute to the need for replacement such as:

  • spark plug failure
  • leaky or burnt exhaust valves
  • limp ignition system
  • aged piston rings
  • a jumped timing chain
  • a leaky head gasket
  • a leaky intake manifold

Signs your Catalytic Converter may Need Replacing

When it comes to the health of your catalytic converter there are five key signs you need to know:

1. Reduction of Performance

A failing catalytic converter will directly impact the performance of your engine. This is because of a reduction in exhaust flow which can lead to harmful gas leaks also.

2. Rattling Noises

Hearing a rattling noise from under your Audi can be a signal of a broken catalytic converter. The rattling sound is caused by deteriorating catalysts which have broken away from the converter and are now moving freely.

3. Sulphur Smell

The smell of rotten eggs from your exhaust is a very clear sign that you need a new catalytic converter, as this foul stench means that fumes aren’t being fully converted and can be dangerous for you to inhale.

4. Illumination of the Check Engine Light

A faulty catalytic converter can cause the illumination of the check engine light. This light is a warning system designed to alert the driver of issues before severe damage can take place.

5. Emissions Test Failure

When your catalytic converter is failing, then your Audi will almost certainly fail its emissions tests. This is because a bad converter will allow an increased rate of harmful emissions to exit your vehicles, which will make your vehicle unsafe and fail its emissions test.

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When it comes to replacing your catalytic converter, Hayes European of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA should always be your first choice. Audi Broken Catalytic Converter Whether you’ve just failed your emissions test, are noticing some worrying signs, or just want to make sure your catalytic converter is in great running order, the friendly team of experts at Hayes European will be able to help you.

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