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Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly becoming environmentally aware in an effort to reduce the prevalence of air pollution and improve the quality of air in the atmosphere. To this end, many vehicles have been fitted with smart devices to ensure that the exhaust gases that are produced after the combustion of fuel in the internal combustion chamber are completely reduced into less harmful gases before they are released into the environment. One such component that plays an important role in reducing the presence of harmful gases in exhaust is the EGR Valve.

What is an EGR valve?

An exhaust gas recirculation valve, EGR valve, is responsible for the reduction of the nitrogen oxide emissions in the exhaust gases. As the name suggests, the EGR valve works by taking part of the exhaust gas from the engine and recirculating it back into the engine cylinders, where it is reduced into a less harmful form. When the exhaust gas is directed back into the engine cylinders, the oxygen in it is diluted and the end result is inert gases. In addition, the EGR valve improves your car’s fuel efficiency by ensuring that any unburned fuel is burned when the exhaust is redirected back into the engine cylinders.

Audi manufacturers have also joined in the production of environment-friendly vehicles by incorporating the EGR valve technology into their models. This has added to the overall appeal of their already reliable and high-performing vehicles.

Unfortunately for Audi owners, their vehicles are not without fault. This is because certain faults can still develop and interfere with an otherwise impeccable driving experience. The EGR valve, for instance, requires replacement after a period of accumulating mileage.

Causes of EGR Valve Failure

Some of the common causes of EGR valve failure include a clogged catalytic converter. This is involved in the reduction process that removes the oxygen in the nitrogen oxides, leaving behind inert gases. The EGR valve in your Audi will also fail due to depositing carbons within the EGR passageways. This clogging prevents smooth passage of exhaust while also impairing the functions of the EGR temperature sensor.

The EGR valve is also one of those automated components that are controlled by the cars computerized system. Therefore, this means that any electrical faults in the car will also affect the EGR functions significantly.

Effects of EGR Valve Failure

A fault in the EGR valve in your Audi will cause fuel detonation noises to come from the engine of your car. These noises will be as a result of the fuel in the exhaust burning without ignition due to the extremely high temperature within the internal combustion chamber. The process of reducing the nitrogen oxides in the exhausts normally produces a cooling effect within the chamber failure of which the temperature remains extremely high, causing detonation.

Moreover, when the EGR valve develops faults, it will likely get stuck on open and cause rough idling within the engine. The disruption of the flow of exhaust into the engine cylinders will also affect the air-to-fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. This will cause performance related issues to develop in the engine. This may also cause the check engine warning light on the dashboard of the car to come to signal the fault.

When the EGR valve in your Audi fails, your car will be at a high risk of failing an emission test. In some places, failing an emission test can make it impossible to drive around without getting in trouble with environmental law enforcers.

How We Can Fix It

You should seek the services of a Audi EGR Valve Failure Fix certified professional mechanic to inspect your car to ascertain the cause of the problem. If the EGR valve in your Audi is found to be faulty, the solution is to replace it. Replacing an EGR valve is not a difficult task for a mechanic. However, you should always insist on a technician with experience in dealing with Audi models.

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