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Volvos are known for being the sensible luxury vehicle of choice. They provide reliability and safety for you, consistently getting you where you need to be. Part of this reliability comes from a sound suspension system and struts.

Over time, these struts can wear out, making your Volvo lose its safety and reliability. You may have noticed your car is not driving as well as it has in the past. If so, what are the tips to identify Volvo front strut issues? Here is a guide to help you care for your Volvo.

Symptoms of Strut Issues

You may notice several symptoms of front strut issues in your Volvo. For example, if one side of your tire wears out more, you may have issues with your front struts. A clunking or knocking sound may be metal-to-metal contact, as the shock or strut bottoms out whenever you hit a bump. When you brake, faulty struts can make your car feel unstable or lurch forward or nose dive. Also, you may have issues with your struts if you feel vibrations whenever you accelerate quickly or brake. Also, the steering smoothness and response time are not good, and the bearing in the upper strut mount may be worn and failing.

Doing a bounce test is one way to check your struts for wear. Park your car, put weight on the front end, and then let go. If your vehicle bounces three or more times, you can tell that the shocks or struts are worn out. You can also check for fluid leaks. Your car’s struts have hydraulic fluid, which may leak out when they begin to wear.


When it comes to replacing your front struts, the assembly kit can average between $300 and $500 per side, not including labor costs. It is often about a three-hour job, so keep that in mind when discussing labor costs. Again, replacing your front struts may be more expensive or more involved, depending on your Volvo model.

How are your Volvo suspension shocks or struts replaced? First, the technician lifts and supports the vehicle and removes the front wheel. They remove the brake caliper and rotor and then disconnect the sway bar. Next, the technician disconnects the strut from the steering knuckle and the strut tower to remove it from the vehicle. If they replace the entire strut assembly, installation is relatively simple.

It is common for technicians to reuse the coil spring from the old assembly. If they do, the worn strut must be compressed and disassembled, and the new strut must be assembled before they install it. To finish, they reconnect the new strut back to the strut tower and steering knuckle and replace the sway bar, brake caliper, and rotor. If you have any issues with your brakes, this is an excellent time to inspect them since they will be working on that area of your car anyway.


Since struts are a vital and expensive replacement Volvo Front Strut Repair for your Volvo, it is important to use preventative measures to keep them in good condition for as long as possible. How can you prevent strut damage?

First, always drive carefully around corners and curbs to avoid hard impacts. Taking sharp turns too quickly can damage your struts. Next, always avoid driving on rough terrain or through potholes. If these obstacles are unavoidable, go slowly and drive carefully. Braking causes excessive wear on shocks and struts. If you drive in heavy traffic or places with numerous intersections, slow down gradually and always brake smoothly.

It always helps to involve a professional in the upkeep of your struts. They can catch problems early and often prevent them from getting worse. Have a professional technician regularly inspect the shocks, struts, bushings, and joints. Check your tires’ treading, air pressure, and power steering system. Always ensure your car is inspected after an accident or when raised on a lift. Either of these can cause a strut to fail.

If you notice any of the above symptoms of strut failure or want your Volvo inspected to ensure its struts are in working order, contact us at Hayes European in Santa Cruz, CA. Volvo-certified technicians are available to provide the best care for your car and ensure you have the smoothest and most reliable ride possible.

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