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When it comes to buying a pre-owned BMW, many people overlook the importance of conducting an inspection. After all, the car is used and so it shouldn’t really matter if you don’t check it out properly, right? Wrong. An inspection of a pre-owned BMW is essential and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Cost Savings – An inspection can save you money in the long run. By taking a close look at the car, potential problems can be identified before they become more serious or costly to fix. It also gives you an idea of what modifications may need to be made and how much these may cost.
  • Quality Assurance – Inspecting a used BMW gives you peace of mind that you are investing in a reliable car with no hidden damage and unexpected mechanical issues. This helps ensure that your purchase was not just a waste of money, but one that provides quality assurance of performance over time.
  • Safety – Last but certainly not least, inspecting a pre-owned BMW ensures that it meets the necessary safety standards when on the road. This avoids legal implications as well as any unfortunate accidents or mishaps while driving in one’s vehicle.

Initial Vehicle History Report

Inspecting a pre-owned BMW is essential and should not be taken lightly or skipped entirely due to complacency or ignorance. The process may seem tedious and unnecessary at first glance, but there are plenty of good reasons for doing so that outweigh the inconvenience it may cause.

An experienced mechanic will often conduct an initial vehicle history report to determine if there were any prior issues, such as major repairs or recalls, which could affect future performance as well as the overall value of the car itself (depending on the current condition and mileage traveled).

Exterior Assessment

The exterior assessment then follows, which includes looking for signs of physical damage (i.e scratches/dents), checking doors/windows/lights/mirrors/wheels alignment, evaluating tire condition (checking tire treads, etc.), examining suspension components (shocks/struts, etc.), checking fluids levels such as oil/coolant, testing brake systems including parking brakes, measuring battery life using a voltmeter, and checking emissions performance according to local regulations. All this information needs to be noted down accurately in order to make an informed decision regarding one’s purchase later on if satisfied with the results provided by the inspection.

Structural Integrity Checks

Structural integrity checks are a vital part of inspecting a pre-owned BMW, as they can tell you many important things about the car’s condition. Making sure that all connections between panels and other structural elements are firm is key to ensuring the car is safe enough to drive. If any bolts or screws are not in place, or any welding looks questionable, it could be an indication of troublesome past repairs or inadequate structural integrity. Furthermore, any rust present should be inspected carefully in order to make sure that it has not affected the structural strength of affected components or caused deformation or extensive corrosion.

The bottom line is that performing structural integrity checks before buying a pre-owned BMW should be an absolute priority and can help you get peace of mind from knowing that your investment will keep its value for years to come.

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* BMW 3 Series Car image credit goes to: D. Lentz.

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