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The moment you begin to hear unusual noise while driving, it indicates an issue with your vehicle because driving is meant to be a seamless operation. A failed or damaged front suspension in your Volkswagen may result in a clunking noise. In extreme cases, you may notice bumpy rides or even roll over if the noise is left unattended.

Your Volkswagen suspension helps absorb road bumps and provide a comfortable drive experience in the vehicle cabin. The front suspension has various components, including strut and spring assembly, firmly bolted to an end with a control arm on the other end.

When there is an issue with the vehicle suspension, including the front suspension, you will most certainly hear unusual noises. This is because one of the various components making up the suspension system is loose or damaged. Driving a car that makes a clunking, squeaking or knocking noise can be frustrating. So, let’s take a closer look and discover some of the reasons behind the front suspension noise in Volkswagen.

Causes of Front Suspension Clunking noise in Volkswagen

There are several reasons why your Volkswagen front suspension may make a clunking noise when driving:

Broken sway bars

One essential component of your Volkswagen front suspension is the sway bars. They help balance the weight of your vehicle and prevent rollover when making turns. Broken sway bars may cause your vehicle to flip when taking a bend.

The sway bars are susceptible to stress and may break while trying to balance your vehicle. If the sway bars break, they may produce a knocking sound under your Volkswagen as you drive, especially if the road is bumpy.

Broken strut or strut mounts

Your Volkswagen strut mount connects the vehicle frame and other suspension system components. It helps to reduce vibration on your vehicle’s tires and provides stability while steering the vehicle.

A broken strut mount may cause a knocking or banging noise when driving on a bumpy road. You may occasionally hear knocking sounds when you drive over speed bumps or potholes.

Bad Tires

Your vehicle tires ensure the movement of your vehicle. If the tires are bad, imbalanced, or misaligned, they may cause you to have a bumpy ride. When the misaligned or imbalanced tires rub against other components of your Volkswagen front suspension, it may cause knocking sounds.

Faulty Ball Joints

The ball joints are the front suspension components responsible for connecting the suspension systems to your Volkswagen wheels. It enables proper wheel rotation whenever you take a left or right turn. When you turn your vehicle’s steering wheel, faulty or worn out bearings may cause a knocking, grinding or banging noise. The intensity of the noise may increase when making a turn.

Loosed Lug Nuts

The wheel or lug nuts assist in holding the Volkswagen wheel hub to the tire. The lug nuts are removed when taking off your vehicle tires. However, if the nuts are not properly tightened, you may hear a knocking noise, especially when at high speed. The lug nuts loosen more as you increase your driving speed and may put you and other passengers at risk.

Damaged Wheel Bearings

Your Volkswagen wheel bearings are located in the wheel hub units. The wheel bearings help in facilitating the wheels to spin freely. If the wheel bearings are damaged, you may hear a humming noise, especially when attempting to coast down the road.

The intensity of the noise may increase due to an increasing RPM. You may eventually damage the bearing if you continue to drive with it. It is best to contact a professional automotive technician to fix the issue.

Faulty Bushings

One other reason behind your Volkswagen’s front suspension clunking noise may be faulty bushings. The bushings are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle wheels are properly aligned. They also provide stability for the components of the front suspension. You may hear a knocking noise if the bushings are worn out or broken.

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