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Mercedes car models are known the world over for their comfortable handling. This expectation is upheld by excellence in Mercedes manufacturing. So when the air suspension in your Mercedes model develops problems, your car will no longer be as comfortable. You’ll need to consult a Mercedes specialist to diagnose and fix the problem.

Mercedes manufacturers revolutionized comfort and performance with their AirMatic system. This is a sophisticated system made up of smaller parts, all of which work together to keep the car stable. The AirMatic system accomplishes this by absorbing all the shocks and impacts that come with driving on bumpy roads.

In absorbing the impact of rough driving, the air suspension system not only ensures that as a passenger you don’t feel the effects of rough driving, but that the car is also shielded from much of the impact. As a result, your car’s components that would have been prone to damage from rough driving can last longer before needing replacement.

The AirMatic suspension system works using pressurized air that fills airbags and deflates them depending on the type of road surface you’re driving on. This helps your Mercedes to transition from a smooth road to a rough one and back to a smooth one with you barely noticing the difference, until the air suspension system develops issues. Then, you will feel each and every pothole. Below are some of the most common air suspension problems that your Mercedes might have.

Air Compressor Malfunction

The air compressor is part of the air suspension system that pumps air into the airbags, depending on how much is necessary. When you’re carrying heavier loads, the compressor may have to work harder to pump more air to cushion the car from the impact of rough roads. Over time, this compressor can become clogged by dust particles or even the wiring might break down. The result is that your airbags will be unable to receive air and will be unable to deflate and inflate as necessary. What follows this is that your car may sag, a situation often described as sagging suspension. The sagging is even more pronounced when you’re carrying heavy loads.

Faulty Air Relay Circuit

This is the part in the air suspension system that opens and closes a circuit that powers the compressor, allowing air in and out of the airbags. A fault in the relay circuit will prevent the compressor from delivering to and from the airbags. Your suspension system will not work. These faults are usually as a result of regular wear and tear that befalls most car components over time. This is why you should have a Mercedes specialist looking after your car during regular servicing visits. This will help them to catch a faulty circuit before it affects your entire suspension system.

Blocked Valve

The valve in your Mercedes air suspension system prevents compressed air from flowing back into the compressor instead of filling up the air bag. Over time, this valve can sometimes become loose due to the excessive pressure under which it works. In turn, the valve will be unable to contain the air, lowering the pressure to a point where no air will get into the airbags for them to work. This will cause the airbags to be less shock absorbent and you’ll feel the effects of driving on rough roads.

Air Leaks

Air leaks can happen in the hose lines that connect the airbags to the rest of the suspension system. These hoses often develop cracks, especially at points where they connect to other parts of the system or even at the valve. While these leaks may sometimes be small, over time, your air suspension system will come under strain and the other parts will fall apart prematurely.

Hayes European: Your Mercedes Service Center

The air suspension system, like all the other Mercedes Air Suspension Repair parts of your Mercedes, needs proper care. This is care that you can only get from a certified Mercedes mechanic. If you need proper air suspension care for your Mercedes model, come visit us at Hayes European.

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