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Verifying all components in your vehicle are functioning properly is key to reliable and trustworthy cars like Volkswagen. If you notice any problems arising under the hood, it is best to take the car into a professional mechanic for maintenance.

Out of the large number of parts within the vehicle, there are some that have more importance to function than others. One of those important components is the camshaft seal. While it is a relatively small part in the engine compartment, it can lead to large issues if it is not replaced at the proper time.

Camshaft Seals

The camshaft seal is located on the cylinder head in the engine compartment. Its sole purpose is to act as an oil seal at the end of the camshaft. Should this component be damaged or faulty, oil may begin to leak into the engine compartment. This can lead to a potential fire hazard or engine failure.

There are two main signs that your Volkswagen may have a bad camshaft seal:

  • oil leak
  • smoke from the engine bay

Both of the above signs should be taken seriously, as the reliability of your trusty Volkswagen could be hindered if the problem is not fixed. If left unfixed, a leaky camshaft seal also risks oil leaking onto your timing belt and corrupting it. The replacement of your timing belt can potentially cost thousands, but this can be avoided by taking action when you see the warning signs of a faulty camshaft seal.

Where to take your Volkswagen to be Serviced

Santa Cruz has numerous mechanic shops around the city but relatively few options for replacing the camshaft seal. Not every vehicle uses a camshaft seal and, due to this, finding the necessary replacement can prove difficult.

Because of this, it is best not to take your Volkswagen to a general auto shop as they may not have the supplies on hand to fix your problem. This leaves two potential options:

Specialized Auto Shop

This is the best option for getting a camshaft seal replaced in Santa Cruz. Volkswagen is a German company and a European auto shop would have the tools and expertise necessary for replacing your camshaft seal.

Volkswagen Dealership

If prompt service and low prices are what you happen to be looking for, then this is not the option for you. A dealership will almost certainly have camshaft seals in stock, but they will likely charge you more for the replacement while making you wait a longer amount of time for the service to be performed. For a problem this minor, it is smarter to take your Volkswagen into a specialized auto shop.

There are numerous European auto shops in Santa Cruz, but finding one that can provide you with a high-level of service and fair prices can prove difficult. Hayes European is the most reliable source for auto-repair for VW drivers looking to replace the camshaft seal on their Volkswagen.

Hayes European will Service your Vehicle

At Hayes European, we are known for our shorter wait times, lower prices, and all around friendly service. Our goal Volkswagen Camshaft Seal Check is to provide the best service and value for your vehicle repairs.

If you need to get back to an obligation, we also offer a free shuttle service within a ten mile radius for your convenience. Our motto is combining new technology with old school service to ensure your satisfaction as a customer.

At Hayes European, we have been servicing clients from the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA for years. With experience in over seven brands of European cars, you can rest easy knowing that we will be able to tackle any problem in your Volkswagen. From replacing the camshaft seal to scheduled maintenance, Hayes European can ensure the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

If trust and affordability are what you’re looking for, please reach out and contact us right away. Better yet, come visit us at our location on 17th Avenue so we can show you what true auto service looks like. We look forward to earning your trust and becoming your VW service, maintenance, and repair shop.

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