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A BMW is a vehicle that has set the bar high in regards to design and performance. When you drive a BMW, you expect for it to have a unique design to set it apart for all other vehicles. In addition to the sleek design, BMWs have an incomparable performance level. One of the parts that aids in this performance level is the fuel injector. When working properly, the fuel injector allows for optimal efficiency. There will be a noticeable difference in performance in your BMW if the fuel injector needs to be serviced.

Depending on which make and model of BMW you have, there will be different fuel injectors that require different times when they need to be serviced. It is important that you know when the manufacturer suggests getting the fuel injector serviced. Every BMW is different, so the intervals of servicing will vary. Below you will find out why the fuel injector is so important and what signs to be aware of that will indicate to you when it is time to have it serviced.

What is the purpose of the fuel injector?

The fuel injector in your BMW is a very important part. The fuel injector is necessary for keeping your BMW functioning at the highest standard and as efficiently as possible. The fuel injector is responsible for delivering the gasoline into the engine so it can be used in the combustion process. The fuel is sprayed out as a pressurized mist so it is easily mixed with the oxygen needed to complete the combustion process.

When the fuel injector begins to malfunction, the gasoline is not going to get to the engine properly. The mixture of fuel and oxygen will become imbalanced because there will either be too much fuel or not enough fuel. Both of these options are damaging to your BMW. It is beneficial to you and your BMW to be aware of the signs and symptoms of when it is time for your fuel injector to be serviced.

Reasons Behind a Failing Fuel Injector

There are a few signs and reasons that point to the fuel injector failing and in need of service. As a BMW owner, it is important to keep these signs in the back of your mind just in case the fuel injector begins to fail. The first reason that the fuel injector can fail is because the wrong type of fuel is being used. This can cause buildup in the engine. Due to the fact that BMWs perform at a higher level, they require a certain type of fuel to keep it running that way. So when this fuel is not used, it can be damaging to the fuel injector and every part that it is attached to.

The second reason that will require the fuel injector to be serviced is because the filter is dirty. The fuel injector filter is in place to ensure that all impurities are separated from the fuel. Even when you use the correct fuel in your BMW, there is still an opportunity for debris and impurities to end up in the fuel. The purpose of the filter is to prevent anything unwanted from going into the engine. If the filter gets dirty, then it will also stop the fuel from reaching the engine. This will create an improper balance of fuel and oxygen mixture.

Signs of a Fuel Injector Failure

The first sign that points to the fuel injector needing to be serviced is that your BMW is rough running or has a rough start. This directly relates back to the fact that the fuel injector will be unable to provide the correct amount of fuel to the engine that is needed to run properly.

The second sign that will alert you to the fuel injector needing to be serviced is that there will be a decrease in gas mileage. You will notice this because you will see an increase in the cost of gas and how many time you go to the gas station to fill up the tank.

Servicing Your BMW

When you notice any of the signs pointing to BMW Fuel Injector Check a malfunction in the fuel injector, it is time to bring your BMW in for servicing to prevent further damage. At Hayes European, we will be able to provide your BMW with servicing without you having to wait for a long time. We are conveniently accessible from the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA, and we will always have a trained technician ready to inspect your BMW with the most up to date diagnostic tools. Once we are able to identify the cause of the issue with the fuel injector, we will address it accordingly so your BMW can return to the performance standard that you are used to.

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