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The BMW is known by all for having a sleek design inside and out. In addition to the design, the BMW sets a standard for performance. When you invest in a BMW you know that you are investing in a quality car. With many makes and models to choose from, any BMW is a great selection for either your personal car or for your family car.

As the years pass, your BMW may experience issues that come with age. One of these issues has to do with the PCV valve. If the PCV valve in your BMW malfunctions you will want to take it in for servicing right away. Below are some of the signs and symptoms you should be looking out for.

What is the PCV Valve?

In order for your BMW to run, a mixture of air and gas are pulled into the pistons that are in the engine. With the pressure from the air and gas, the pistons cause the crankshaft to rotate. The crankshaft then causes your BMW to move. During this process, excess air and gas end up in the crankcase when the piston is moving through the piston rings to the crankshaft. The crankcase is what covers the crankshaft.

In order for the crankshaft to continue to rotate as usual, there should not be extra gas contained in there because it can clog the system. This is where the positive crankshaft ventilation (PCV) valve comes in. The PCV valve takes these extra gases and recycles them. Instead of emitting these gases, they are reused in the pistons. This will help your BMW run more efficiently, easing the strain on your wallet at the gas pump and helping the environment by creating less emissions.

The Check Engine Light

The first indication that the PCV valve is malfunctioning is the check engine light will illuminate. The PCV valve is an essential part in helping the engine to run smoothly. There could be many reasons why the PCV valve would cause the check engine light to come on. The first is that there could be left over moisture in the valve. When the excess gas is pushed back into the piston for another combustion, it is possible that there is residual moisture left behind by the gases. If this moisture builds up over time then the PCV valve will not work as it should. This will then cause the check engine light to come on.

Surging Engine and Black Smoke

Another symptom that will point a PCV valve malfunction in your BMW is that the engine will surge. Due to the fact that the PCV valve is a crucial part in helping run the engine efficiently, any malfunctions in the valve will cause the engine to also malfunction. When even one part of the engine is not functioning as it should then it affects the engine as a whole. So if the PCV valve is not able to successfully recycle the excess gases then the gases will not be able to flow again through the pistons. This build up in gases in the PCV will cause for the engine to surge. The surging of the engine will be evident when you are driving.

The black smoke coming from the engine is another indicator that the PCV valve is malfunctioning. The black smoke is due to the sludge that may build up in the PCV valve if the gases are not recycled correctly. Seeing black smoke is serious and you should call servicing for your BMW immediately.

Where to Service

Hayes European is the best place to take your BMW Logo BMW if you are in the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. Our certified technicians have the skills and training needed to address any issues that may come up in your BMW. We will provide the same quality of service and care if it is a routine service or if we are going in to repair or replace any parts.

When you bring in your BMW to have the PCV valve checked, we will do a thorough inspection and diagnostic to identify where the true problem lies. Once it has been identified, we will replace the piece or pieces with dealership-quality parts. Although they will be dealership quality, you will never have to pay the dealership rate. We take pride in our customer service and part of that is insuring that the prices of parts and services remain affordable so we can get you back on the road with minimal hassle.

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