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All luxury vehicles have engineering elements that make them the high-performance, high-quality cars that they are. Unfortunately, these elements can also sometimes be the reason behind common issues that are unique to these machines.

Mercedes is no exception. One of the lesser-known assets of Mercedes vehicles is an additional fuel tank filter located at the main outlet of the fuel tank. The extra fuel tank screen filter offers another line of defense against harmful debris and contaminants that can clog your entire fuel system. Problems can arise, however, when this filter is not regularly maintained. While it can be a source of frustration when this screen becomes clogged, it’s important to remember that this means it is actually doing what it was meant to do by protecting the rest of the fuel system in your Mercedes.

The Fuel Tank Screen Filter

All vehicles have some form of filter to keep particles from entering the fuel system. Finely tuned engines such as Mercedes are even more sensitive to any issues arising from poor quality or contaminated fuel, so it is especially important to ensure no dust or debris enters the fuel and disrupts the flow of gasoline. Mercedes has added another filter to prevent interruptions in performance, and because there are multiple filtration systems in your fuel line, noticeable changes in performance could arise from any of these filters.

This is why it is so critical to always have your Mercedes serviced by an experienced Mercedes mechanic. Due to the exclusive elements that elevate Mercedes above and beyond so many other vehicles, they require brand-specific expertise to properly diagnose and repair potential issues. Preventative maintenance entails much more care and attention to detail on any luxury vehicle.

Detecting Issues

Should the fuel tank screen filter become clogged up with all the debris that it is filtering out of your system, you will notice.

A clogged fuel tank screen filter will actually hinder the flow of fuel to the engine, directly impacting performance. Since your engine is not getting the proper amount of fuel, you will lose power upon acceleration and may even sense your engine is struggling at an idle. Hesitation may also occur during ignition, when the engine requires a specific volume of fuel to start. Any errors in the volume or the pressure of fuel can cause ignition problems.

Your Mercedes may also begin to misfire, a very common symptom of all problems associated with the fuel system. This can often be more prevalent when you have more weight in the vehicle, as this requires more fuel to achieve the same level of performance with a heavier load to bear. In the event that the fuel tank screen filter is severely blocked, the lack of fuel could potentially cause the engine to stall completely. This is why it is so critical to ensure this component is regularly inspected, maintained, and replaced when needed.

What to Do

The good news about your Mercedes fuel tank screen filter is that it tends to be a very sturdy component. It is rare that these need to be replaced entirely; most often a simple cleaning will suffice.

As any fuel system issues can cause similar symptoms, you need to have your entire system thoroughly inspected. Qualified Mercedes mechanics know the delicate preventative maintenance routine for these vehicles, so finding a specialist is the best thing you can do to avoid these kinds of problems. If you do start to experience symptoms of a hiccup in your fuel system, you need to take your Mercedes in right away. Problems with any aspect of your fuel system can cause major interruptions in engine performance and even cause a complete failure. To avoid ending up stranded, call a trusted Mercedes mechanic immediately.

Who to Contact

Mercedes-Benz S560 4Matic on Road You can’t risk bringing your Mercedes to anything less than the experts, and our service technicians at Hayes European are some of the most experienced Mercedes mechanics in the area. Luxury German vehicles enthusiasts throughout Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA trust Hayes European with all their maintenance and repair needs. Let us give your Mercedes the love and attention it needs to maintain peak performance at all times.

* Mercedes-Benz S560 4Matic on Road image credit goes to: y_carfan.

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