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Volvo takes many steps to ensure that their customer service is excellent and that they are able to provide quality products to make sure that their customers are satisfied. The company focuses heavily on user-friendly products that are intuitive to use, while simultaneously working to develop new technologies to produce better vehicles.

Over the years, this mentality has helped them become one of the most respected car brands out there. Yet even with their dedication to quality, there are still times where their products may have some issues. One issue that customers have experienced is with the tie rods. It is important to deal with a tie rod issue quickly since it is a vital component to the vehicle’s handling.

What is a Tie Rod?

The tie rod is one of the main components that connects the steering system to the tire system of your Volvo. If the tie rod on your vehicle breaks, it may cause you to lose control of your car, which could be potentially dangerous to you and those around you.

The tie rods on your Volvo work with the rack and pinion and are responsible for you being able to move the wheels. The system works by connecting the tie rods to the steering rack and then to the front wheels of your car. This system is what helps to make the wheels turn. The tie rods create a push/pull motion that creates the ability for your wheels to turn, which is what helps when doing tasks like turning corners.

Generally the tie rods don’t just fail. However, if they do, there are signs that will indicate that you may need to have them replaced. If you are getting regular maintenance to your vehicle, this will be something that your mechanic will keep an eye out for.

Signs of Wear on the Tie Rods

There will be warning signs that will tell you if your tie rods are beginning to fail. Since it is important to the proper function of your car and could affect your safety, it is vital that you get the system checked immediately if you notice that you are experiencing any of the symptoms associated with failing tie rods. An extremely common symptom of failing tie rods end is that your tires are not wearing evenly. If the tread on your tires is not wearing evenly, or there are spots with more wear than others, this could indicate an issue with the tie rods.

Another common issue that you could experience with a faulty tie rod is that you will notice a squealing when you attempt to turn your tires. The sound will originate from the front of the car, since that is where the tie rod ends are located. Make sure to differentiate the difference between the sound of low steering fluid and an issue with your tie rod. If you check your power steering fluid and make sure the levels are where they should be and are still experiencing a high-pitched sound, it is likely a result of failing tie rod ends.

There could also be a change in steering. The steering on your vehicle may become looser and you may notice that there is a delay between your steering and the intended movement. If you notice steering issues, it is important to take it to your trusted Volvo mechanic immediately in order to avoid the problem from getting worse.

You may be able to investigate yourself to determine if there is an issue with your tie rods by raising your tire off of the ground and turning it from side to side and seeing the motion produced. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, consider visiting a trusted mechanic for an inspection.

How We Can Help

At Hayes European, we have Red Volvoexpertly trained mechanics who will be able to identify if you are experiencing an issue with the tie rods on your Volvo. Conveniently located to Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA, we aim to provide quality customer service and to encourage preventive maintenance so that you run into fewer issues with your vehicle. If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about other services we offer, visit our website or call our office today!

* Red Volvo image credit goes to: bortnikau.

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