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You drive a Volvo because it is a high-performance, reliable, and safe automobile. As renowned upscale vehicles, Volvos are known for their quality. However, they are not immune to the normal wear and tear that cars experience throughout their lifetime on the road. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent costly mechanical issues that can arise over time, but some parts on your Volvo will naturally break down and require replacement.

One such common issue is front strut failure which, if left unchecked, can lead to further problems with your car’s engine, transmission, and tires. In this article, we will discuss the causes of front strut failure in a Volvo and the best way for you to take care of this issue. Let’s get started.

What are front struts?

The front struts on your Volvo are a critical element of the vehicle’s suspension system, which includes a myriad of interlocking and interdependent components. Struts are a part of the suspension that absorb impact shock from bumps and potholes in the road, and they also help to hold the entire system together. In addition, struts are a part of the car’s steering system, supporting the wheels and tires.

Your car’s suspension also has a number of small parts and pieces that can wear out or become damaged, leading to strut failure. Since the suspension is a network of codependent parts, each part relies on the others. Otherwise, necessary repairs will start to accumulate like falling dominoes. If the front struts fail, a number of increasingly troublesome problems can arise as a result, so it’s important to have a professional mechanic service your Volvo if your front struts are going bad.

Nobody is entirely sure why Volvos tend to experience front strut failure at an accelerated rate, because it is related to such a high number of potential factors. However, there is one factor which is certainly the primary culprit, and that is a lack of regular maintenance by a qualified professional. Being advanced and complex upscale automotive machines, a Volvo needs tender loving care to make sure it performs optimally throughout the lifetime of the vehicle.

That said, likely causes of front strut failure include the following:

  • Normal wear and tear on small components like nuts, bolts, and bearings
  • Opposing forces of tension between the steering and suspension systems
  • Misalignment of tires
  • Worn out bushings or bearings

Signs of Front Strut Failure

Now that you know what the front struts do and what could cause their failure, let’s address the warning signs that you should look out for to know when your Volvo’s suspension needs to be serviced.

The most noticeable sign of failing front struts should be a change in the comfortability of driving your Volvo. Normally, driving one of these vehicles is like sailing on a cloud, but if the suspension system has issues you will start to feel every bump and crack in the road under your wheels. Additionally, strut failure can cause the alignment of your wheels to change, and you’ll notice your car drifting to the right or the left while you drive on a flat surface.

Another symptom of failed struts is loud noises that you may hear when driving over bumps or small potholes. These noises are likely caused by the shaking and vibration of loose components in your suspension system.

Finally, if you look at your Volvo’s tires and notice that the pattern of wear is uneven, then this can indicate suspension or alignment issues, both of which can point to front strut failure.

Hayes European is Here to Help

If you have issues with the front struts or Volvo Front Strut Failure Fix any component of your Volvo, it’s important to take it to be serviced by a qualified, professional mechanic. A Hayes European Auto Center, we follow your Volvo’s specific maintenance program to ensure optimum performance and driving quality. Our experienced and certified mechanics know what they are looking at when our customers bring their cars to us for service. We have been helping Volvo owners from all over Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA, with their Volvo maintenance and repairs since 1995. To have your front struts replaced, or to inquire about our quality service and affordable rates, call us at (831)-269-5858 today. We look forward to seeing you at our auto center soon.

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