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As a Porsche owner, you understand that such a high-performance vehicle deserves the best maintenance and quality care. If you’re good to your Porsche, your Porsche will be good to you. A Porsche’s famed reliability can be seriously compromised with something like an unchecked ignition lock issue, possibly leaving you stranded when your vehicle is unable to start. Rest assured, it’s a common problem with recognizable symptoms. In the hands of the right Porsche experts, your vehicle will be back to peak form.

What is an ignition lock?

Understanding the assembly and function of the ignition lock mechanism will help you in your troubleshooting. Although the ignition lock is typically to the right of the steering wheel, Porsche owners will know that one of its many unique and stand-out features is the left-sided ignition, as a nod to its rich racing heritage.

Despite many new vehicles boasting a push-start ignition, Porsche generally prefers the traditional turn-key start. This technology unlocks different sets of systems with every notch of the turn inside the ignition cylinder. Therefore, an issue with the ignition lock mechanism could mean a failure in any number or all of your vehicle’s functions. Despite being a relatively small component often taken for granted, it is a crucial one.

The 3 Most Common Symptoms of Ignition Lock Failure

While it doesn’t typically result in any serious danger, ignition lock failure can be a huge inconvenience, from a minor hassle when starting your vehicle, to leaving you completely stranded when trying to leave your home, work, or an event. It is best taken care of as soon as possible.

Luckily, as a responsible Porsche driver, you pay close attention to your prized vehicle. If you notice any of the following symptoms, likely due to deterioration in the switch, cylinder, or assembly of the ignition lock function, we recommend you schedule an appointment for immediate inspection.

  • Difficulty engaging your vehicle’s power and various electrical or mechanical functions, such as windows, headlights, or the radio.
  • Difficulty starting your vehicle, such as struggling to get the key in and out of the ignition.
  • Difficulty returning the key to the off position. Even if you do not notice any issue with getting the key into the ignition and powering the vehicle, you may notice resistance when turning it off.

All of these symptoms should be taken seriously and addressed right away to avoid further damage or inconvenience.

Possible Causes and How to Prevent Them

Since the most common cause of ignition lock failure is wear and tear, especially in older or higher-mileage vehicles, the most effective preventative measure is to schedule routine visits with the right experts. Your owner’s manual is a good reference for determining the appropriate time to maintain the ignition lock. Other lesser common causes are a bind column lock or a damaged interlock solenoid. In all cases, the ignition switch will likely need to be replaced, which is not a DIY project.

To prevent an issue with the ignition lock mechanism, you can avoid putting too much weight on the key when starting the vehicle, and ensure the battery is full and in good condition. However, the best way to keep your vehicle in optimal condition is ongoing care and routine maintenance procedures by a trusted garage with Porsche-specific expertise.

Why You Trust Hayes European

Taking care of your Porsche should feel less like a chore or a hassle and more like a reward. A well-maintained Porsche Porsche Ignition Lock Repair allows drivers to enjoy high-end performance for decades with minimal repairs and mechanical issues. At Hayes European, your Porsche is always treated with the quality service that you would receive from a dealership but with an added emphasis on your experience.

Instead of letting your vehicle’s performance suffer, call Hayes European today at (831) 269-5858 to speak with one of our experts in Customer Service. Our mechanics are certified and have years of experience working with Porsche vehicles. We understand the common issues that can begin to develop and what it takes to repair them fast and properly.

We offer superior Porsche services for drivers from Aptos, Live Oak, Soquel and Capitola, CA without the headaches associated with the dealerships. We look forward to receiving your call.

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