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The Porsche has become a staple of luxury and beauty. Its power and sheer durability is what makes this car such a catch for car enthusiasts. People love seeing this vehicle zip down the roads with its character and class.

The other known quality of the Porsche vehicle is that it requires a certain amount of maintenance to keep it performing at its best. Keeping up with regular oil changes and addressing the first sign of problems is all part of responsible vehicle ownership. When you take on the Porsche brand, you’re signing up for that and more.

One of the important parts that Porsche owners have to keep a close eye on is its IMS bearing. This piece’s design is unique to the Porsche brand and has caused quite the buzz around the car community. Many individuals flock to online forums to get information regarding its function, upkeep, and possible symptoms.

Instead of reading countless accounts of others’ perils, take advice from the experts with regards to this subject. By doing so, you’ll have a better idea of how you should truly take care of this important piece. In this article, we’ll consider the role of the IMS bearing and how you can keep up with it.

What Role Does the IMS Bearing Play in Your Porsche?

If you’re new to the car world, understanding what this important piece stands for will help you better understand your car. This acronym stands for intermediate shaft bearing. It’s connected to the motor and works directly with the crankshaft. It’s fixated between the front and rear end of the engine. It works directly with the engine and enhances its function.

The Controversy Surrounding This Piece

Countless Porsche owners have had reason to complain about this tricky piece. So much so that it has gained nationwide recognition in recall cases. There are several reasons why this piece could fail; however, let’s consider the main problems and how you can determine the best solution for your Porsche 911.

Reasons For IMS Failure

Lack of Lubrication

One of the primary reasons for IMS failure revolves around lack of lubrication. If any part of your engine is excessively dry, it needs the right lubricant to make it work efficiently. That’s why it’s so important to have the right oils and lubrication designed for the Porsche brand.

Age, Wear and Tear

As much as we would like, not all parts of your car will permanently last. Unfortunately, even parts on the most luxurious of cars have an expiration date. One of the most common reasons for IMS failure is general wear and tear. Once your piece has reached its expiration point, it’s best to bring it to a professional to have it replaced.

Over time, especially with excessive use, the IMS will eventually wear out. That’s why it’s so vital to not push your engine beyond its limitations. Doing so is just a recipe for disaster and thousands of dollars in repairs.

Incorrect timing can also play a vital role in IMS failure. Once the cam timing is off, the connection between the valve and the piston will come apart. Unfortunately, this leads to irreversible engine damage that requires a complete system analysis performed by a Porsche expert. If they’re unable to find a reasonable explanation, they may suggest replacing your engine altogether. Sure, this is an expensive investment. However, it’s necessary for the longevity of your car.

How to Solve This Problem

It’s best to pay close attention to how your car is behaving. Taking steps towards prevention is the best way to avoid the worst case scenario when it comes to IMS failure. When you begin to notice seemingly minimal changes, bring your car to a Porsche specialist. They will help you find a lasting solution to your mechanical problems.

How We Can Help

Our experts at Hayes European service Porsche IMS Bearing Check luxury vehicles like the Porsche brand in Santa Cruz, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. We’ll make sure your Porsche is well-maintained and safe for you to drive in. You’ll never have to worry about surprise fees or sales ploys, as it is important to us to be upfront and honest with our customers. If you suspect your IMS bearing might be failing, call or stop by to make an appointment today.

* Porsche 911 image credit goes to: Vladimir Mladenovic.

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