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Porsches are dependable vehicles that provide drivers a superior driving experience. They are ageless and desired around the world. One component failure that can happen with your Porsche is the pressure accumulator.

The pressure accumulator affects numerous components throughout your Porsche. It is a hydraulic component that stores and releases pressure. It regulates the fluid’s pressure level that controls several systems.

The pressure accumulator consists of numerous parts. Some of these include valves, hydraulic lines, pumps, chambers and pistons. If any of these parts fail, the accumulator will not be able to store and release pressure when required.

A pressure accumulator controls these systems:

  • Brakes
  • Clutch Assembly
  • Suspension
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fuel System
  • Transmission

Common Indications of a Failed Pressure Accumulator

Because your Porsche utilizes numerous pressure accumulators, there are several symptoms you might encounter. When a pressure accumulator fails, the performance of your Porsche can be greatly affected. Symptoms of pressure accumulate failure include:

  • Poorly-Operating Clutch or Brake: If the brakes are not as responsive as they once were, or the clutch responds slower than before, it could be due to the pressure accumulator. When the accumulator fails, it will not be able to regulate the brake fluid or transmission fluid. This can be dangerous and lead to an accident. Have your technician troubleshoot the issue right away.
  • Issues with the Suspension: The suspension system in your Porsche should provide you with a smooth ride. It absorbs shock with the help of hydraulic pressure. If the accumulator fails, your ride will become rough.
  • Air Conditioning is Not Producing Cold Air: Hydraulic pressure is needed to produce cold air. When the accumulator fails, the A/C will not have the pressure needed to provide cold air. The airflow will also be weak.
  • Illuminated Warning Lights: If your Porsche detects an issue, the computer will trigger the check engine light. When the pressure accumulator fails, it will often trigger both the check engine light and the brake light.

Why does a pressure accumulator fail?

The main reason a pressure accumulator fails is due to pressure loss. A leak will reduce the pressure. This reduction will affect performance and lead to component failure. Pressure loss is often caused by failed valves, seals, and hydraulic lines.

Repairing the Pressure Accumulator in Your Porsche

There are several pressure accumulators located throughout your vehicle. We do not recommend that you try to fix pressure accumulator failure yourself. The job can be difficult, and it requires special tools. If the components are not installed correctly, your Porsche can be unsafe to drive.

Avoiding Pressure Accumulator Failure

The best way to avoid any component failure is by having regular maintenance performed. When you have your Porsche serviced your mechanic can often detect possible problems. By having them fixed right away you can avoid major problems and high service bills. Below are some tips of how to help avoid pressure accumulator failure:

  • Maintain the Suspension: A properly-maintained suspension will help lengthen the life of your pressure accumulator. When the suspension is experiencing problems, there will be stress placed on the pressure accumulator. Keep an eye on your tire pressure and keep them properly inflated.
  • Use the AC: The air conditioner should be used for at least 10 minutes every week. This includes cold weeks during the winter.
  • Do Not Abuse Your Brakes: Do not slam on your brakes or apply excessive force unless it is an emergency. You should always drive sensibly leaving plenty of room, so you can stop slowly.

We Can Repair your Failed Pressure Accumulator

If the pressure accumulator in your Porsche Porsche Pressure Accumulator Repair has failed, give us a call. Some are essential for your safety. Do not wait to have the issue diagnosed and repaired. Pressure accumulator failure often means that there is another problem that has caused the failure. Continuing to drive your Porsche can lead to even more problems.

If you need your car serviced, or the pressure accumulator repaired, book your appointment today. We are conveniently located to drivers in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA areas. You can reach our Hayes European service center on 831-269-5858 or come visit us at 1010 17th Ave., Santa Cruz. We look forward to meeting you.

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