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The BMW develops a particular fault to the brand: lifter ticking issues. This fault is particularly common to the N52 engine type of the BMW.

The lifter ticking issue was discovered in BMWs when, after some time that it had been in use by many drivers, they noticed some ticking noises from the engine. These noises are said to become more incessant when the car makes a 50,000-mile journey or more.

This issue is a reason for mechanical and manufacturing malfunction found in the hydraulic valve lifter. It sometimes may not be avoided, but when it does happen, it can be properly managed and adjusted even so that it does not become a menace to the driver and his car.

What is the purpose of the hydraulic valve lifter?

If the hydraulic valve lifter is the primary cause of the ticking noises in the BMW’s engine, you may wonder why it is a necessary component in the vehicle. The hydraulic valve lifter is not a bad component in itself. It has basic functions that it fulfills in the BMW. Hence, the need for it.

The hydraulic valve lifter is designed to make movements and adjustments in various engine parts, such as enlargement and contraction, to accommodate and regulate the temperature in the engine. This prevents the problem of overheating and enhances the proper function of the engine, as it helps maximize the use of its fuels while they are properly collected and regulated for the engine’s best function and delivery.

When this hydraulic valve lifter becomes a problem, however, it is simply a result of its poorly-connected features and lack of supply of adequate oil to its parts. This is poor or non-lubrication of the hydraulic valve lifter. This is what causes the ticking sounds that pose a threat to the proper function of your BMW.

How to Identify a Lifter Ticking Issue in your BMW

Diagnosing your BMW of a lifter ticking issue is a function of some symptoms which are results of the malfunction of the hydraulic valve lifter, as explained above. Generally, when your BMW experiences a lifter ticking issue, the noises you hear are from the hydraulic valve lifter that is either inadequately lubricated or improperly warmed up. These can also be followed by an imbalance in the temperature degrees that your car exudes in different areas.

Also, when you have only driven short distances and you already hear ticking noises, you must check your BMW in the soonest time possible to avoid the development of worse issues. Do not ignore the ticking sounds.

Causes of a Lifter Ticking Issue

The major cause of a lifter ticking issue in your BMW is summarized in the faulty hydraulic valve lifter. The factors that lead to a fault in the hydraulic valve lifter are now as follows:

  • Poorly Designed Components: After gradual study of the BMW over e years and frequent reports from drivers, it has been noticed over time that some of the ill function of the hydraulic valve lifter in an N52 engine owes to some inadequacies in the component set-up of the system itself, even from the factory.
  • Inadequate Lubrication: When the hydraulic valve lifter lacks enough oil needed to create space that would regulate the temperature of your car engine and other parts, it could threaten a lifter ticking issue in your BMW.
  • Imbalanced Temperature: When oil is not properly delivered to the parts of the hydraulic valve lifter, or the parts hit against each other, less or excess heat is produced. This affects the temperature that is supplied to the hydraulic valve lifter and by extension, disturbs its function.

How to Address a Lifter Ticking Issue in your BMW

Since the genesis of a failing hydraulic BMW Lifter Ticking Issues Fix valve lifter is the poorly-made parts, treatment of the issue is a quite tactful one that requires the attention and skill of an expert to avoid further issues. At Hayes European, we are equipped with experienced engineers, and adequate tools and equipment to solve your car issues.

Since 1995, we have specialized in European brands. Drivers throughout Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, Capitola, and CA have entrusted their cars to us and enjoyed our superb services that they now enjoy their driving experiences. Contact us today to resolve all your car needs!

* BMW Car image credit goes to: JJFarquitectos.

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