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Porsche is a German luxury automotive manufacturer that dates back to 1931 in Stuttgart, Germany. While Porsche models are built with extremely durable materials, these vehicles may experience issues over time such as an alternator seal leaking resulting in the risk of more serious damage.

These luxury automobiles are designed and manufactured with exceptional engine performance and luxury comforts to give drivers the best driving experience available, therefore when a part experiences failure it affects the overall functionality of the vehicle. Below, you will learn more about what the alternator seal is responsible for doing as well as symptoms of oil leaking from the alternator seal of a Porsche.

What does oil do?

Engine oil holds many responsibilities as it flows throughout the engine and other various parts of your vehicle including:

  • Lubricating all moving parts of the engine
  • Reducing friction
  • Maintaining a cool engine temperature
  • Protect the engine from damage

What is the function of the alternator seal?

The alternator is responsible for altering the mechanical energy into electrical energy. It then sends it to the battery of your Porsche. The battery then keeps other various electrical components running, such as the air conditioner and other electrical systems. The alternator is held securely in place by an alternator seal, making this seal extremely important.

Over time, the alternator seal experiences what experts call “normal wear and tear” leaving the seal to experience cracking, a loss in elasticity, and a loss in lubrication leaving it to dry out leaving it subject to complete failure.

Symptoms of a Faulty Alternator Seal

When the alternator seal fails, it produces a number of symptoms and warning signs including:

  • Oil leak: The alternator seal plays an important role in the flow of oil throughout your vehicle as it keeps oil from flowing into the alternator itself. When this seal fails, it allows engine oil to flow into the alternator which opens up a whole new whirlwind of problems and results in an oil leak. An oil leak can be detected in many ways including a brown puddle of oil being visualized beneath where your vehicle has been parked.
  • Dead battery: When the alternator seal fails, the alternator is no longer able to function as intended. Because the alternator is responsible for powering the battery to your Porsche, you may experience a battery that is no longer able to turn on.
  • Electrical failure: The alternator is responsible for providing power to the various electrical systems of your Porsche, therefore when the seal fails that is responsible for protecting the alternator, the various electrical components of your vehicle will no longer work.
  • Engine overheating: Engine oil is responsible for playing a part in keeping the engine running at a cool temperature for optimal function. When engine oil begins leaking from a failed alternator seal, the oil can no longer flow throughout the other parts of the engine to maintain cool temperatures resulting in the engine overheating. Engine overheating is easily detectable as there is a temperature gauge on the dashboard of your Porsche that will begin reading hot to alert drivers to a problem.

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