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Mercedes are exceptional quality, performance-oriented, luxury vehicles. Along with this prestige naturally comes more expensive replacement parts and repair bills. Although it is important to prevent severe damage in any vehicle, you might be even more keen on ensuring your Mercedes never sustains serious damage simply due to the elevated cost of repairing it. One component to keep an eye on is the oil pressure switch.

An oil pressure switch serves to monitor the pressure of the engine’s oil, hence the name. This switch is therefore able to detect low oil. Too little oil will lead to decreased oil pressure in the engine as there is not enough oil to generate the normal pressure level. This is crucial because without accurate analysis of the engine’s oil pressure, you will be unaware of low pressure situations and can cause engine damage, which will only get worse the longer you drive it without the right pressure.

This damage can occur because engines require lubrication of their many moving parts to ensure smooth operation. Without sufficient lubrication, metal parts can chip or even break, leading to said parts not working right, and even metal fragments contaminating and/or damaging other parts of the engine.

It is clear to see that the oil pressure switch is a critical component in protecting the integrity of the engine in your Mercedes. Let’s look at the signs of failure for an oil pressure switch and what ought to be done to remedy the problem.

Indicators for Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Failure

There are 2 primary signs your oil pressure switch is not working correctly. One is the oil light being illuminated on the dashboard. It might remain on the dash or even blink on and off. Both are signs of trouble you should not ignore. Of course, a steady oil light could be correctly signaling that you have low oil.

The second sign is inaccurate oil pressure warnings. It is important to check or have the oil level checked as soon as possible. If the light appears while driving, it is advised to stop and check the oil as soon as it is safe to do so. For example, do not pull off onto a shoulder on the interstate if possible, as this can be very dangerous. Instead, take the nearest exit and park at a business such as a gas station or restaurant, then check the oil after you have shut off the engine and let it cool off a little to avoid burns. If the oil dipstick reads within normal range, this is an indication that the oil pressure switch might be failing, because it gave you a false warning. The low oil pressure light came on despite the vehicle having adequate oil levels. If the oil level was in fact low, then the pressure switch is functioning the way it should.

The blinking light is a more straightforward sign the oil pressure switch is malfunctioning, because it is likely due to the electrical system itself failing to work the way it should. In other words, the oil pressure system can either work properly and signal low oil pressure or provide inaccurate readings or erratically light up on the dashboard, indicating that the problem likely lies with the switch itself.

Given the possible seriousness of the issue, it is imperative to have your Mercedes serviced urgently in order to prevent engine damage.

Hayes European for your Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Service

At Hayes European in Santa Cruz, California, every Mercedes Oil Pressure Switch Check customer gets the time and personalized attention they deserve. Our certified mechanics have years of experience working on German vehicles, including Mercedes.

We serve customers not only in Santa Cruz but also surrounding areas including Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. You can even arrange to have your car picked up for service and returned once the job is finished. We also offer a free shuttle service within a 10 mile radius as well as after hours key drop offs.

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