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A proper maintenance schedule should be followed to ensure that your Volvo stays in the optimal functioning condition you have come to expect. This way, your Volvo can have an extended lifespan for you and your family to enjoy. Even with all the maintenance, unforeseen issues may still arise. One such issue is the failure of the HVAC compressor. Below, you will find out more information about what the HVAC compressor does, reasons for failure, and signs to be on the lookout for.

Purpose of the HVAC Compressor

The HVAC compressor, also known as the AC compressor, plays an integral role in the air conditioning system. The air conditioning compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant gas before it is pumped through the air conditioning system in your Volvo. Once the refrigerant gas has been compressed, it will cool heated air and lower humidity that may be in the air. The HVAC compressor has a lifespan of between 10 to 15 years, and during this functioning period, the compressor is the main part of the HVAC system. Without the compressor, the air conditioning will not function properly.

Reasons for HVAC Compressor Failure

The first reason behind HVAC compressor failure is dirty coils. In order for the HVAC compressor to function at its optimal rate, the coils need to be clean. Over the years, as dirt and grime get into the air conditioning system, it will attach to the coils. Once this happens, it is impossible for the proper amount of heat to be expelled. This will kick the compressor into overdrive and cause it to work harder and more frequently than normal; all of this until it has failed from the increased amount of pressure and temperature.

The second reason behind HVAC compressor failure is blocked suction lines. When the refrigerant gas has been compressed, it needs the suction lines in order to move through the system. If these suction lines become blocked with dirt and debris, it becomes harder and less likely that the refrigerant gas will make it through the system. This will, again, cause the compressor to work overtime without producing any cooling results.

The third reason for HVAC compressor failure is electrical problems. Once an electrical issue has occurred, there is the potential for acid to build up in the air conditioning system, including the compressor. This acid will prevent the compressor from properly functioning and will require a skilled technician to diagnose a buildup of acid in your Volvo’s HVAC compressor. It is likely that the parts affected will have to be completely replaced, as this will be a more cost-effective option as opposed to trying to repair them.

Signs of HVAC Compressor Failure

One sign that will indicate to you that the HVAC compressor has failed in your Volvo is the compressor not turning on. For example, you are enjoying a drive on a hot day and are attempting to cool yourself and you Volvo down. The temperature is set to cool, but your vehicle is not responding. As you listen to the air conditioning, it is making a whirring noise so you know there is power in the system. The correct temperature is just not being achieved. This is the first sign that the HVAC compressor has failed.

Another sign that will point to a failed HVAC compressor is the blowing of warm air through the system. This will occur even if you have the temperature set to cool. When this occurs, the unit is still functioning, but it is having difficulty compressing the refrigerant gas, so it is not blowing cool air throughout the system. This can result in the complete failure of the HVAC compressor.

Repairing the HVAC Compressor in your Volvo

Once you have noticed the signs of a failing Volvo Mechanic Fixing AC Issues HVAC compressor, it is time to bring your Volvo in to be repaired. At Hayes European, our technicians specialize in all European vehicles, including Volvo. We will use the most up-to-date diagnostic tools in order to determine the exact reason as to why the HVAC compressor failed. Once this is complete, we will work with you to determine the most reliable and cost-effective way to proceed with the repair.

With our location easily accessible from the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA, you can make an appointment with Hayes European for your Volvo repairs, maintenance, and service today.

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