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Mercedes cars are all about the driving experience. Smooth and easy, you truly feel at one with the road when driving their cars. However, squeaking and clunking sounds from your suspension can not only ruin your driving experience but can signify dangerous problems occurring within your vehicle.

In this article, we will take a closer look the suspension system of your Mercedes and the reasons why these noises might occur.

How does the suspension in your Mercedes work?

The main purpose of your suspension is to ensure a comfortable ride, whilst keeping vehicle handling manageable. Have you ever been on public transport or ridden in an old car and found that you’re highly aware of each bump and jolt as the vehicle moves? You exit feeling as though your bones have been rattled. This uncomfortable ride experience is due to the quality and maintenance of the vehicle’s suspension. You can see how important a good suspension is to the driving and riding pleasure of your Mercedes.

Succinctly, a good suspension is designed to absorb the bumps and imperfections of road surface or terrain, preventing these vibrations and motions from travelling any further in to the car’s main cabin. There are a variety of different suspension types, but all feature the same 3 key parts:

1. Springs

Most modern cars use a spring that is made of a steel coil spring. As the wheel moves down, for example at a dip in the road, the spring compromises by stretching. When the wheel moves up, for example when navigating a speed bump, the spring compresses. This is done to absorb shocks and keep the suspension level no matter the change in road surface.

2. Shock Absorbers

While the aforementioned springs are responsible for absorbing all that kinetic energy delivered by changing road conditions, the shock absorbers dampen and break up this stored energy by transforming the kinetic energy into another form of energy. In the case of vehicles, this energy becomes heat.

3. Anti-roll Bars

Where the previous 2 parts center around keeping a ride smooth, the anti-roll bars are responsible for keeping the weight distribution of the car even when making turns. If these were not in place, your vehicle might completely roll over when you attempt to make a tight turn.

Five-Link Rear Suspension

Most Mercedes vehicles feature a five-link rear suspension. This multi-link suspension constitutes of 5 arms, which are known as the links. These links help support the suspension, smoothing out and helping to absorb the shock or bounce from uneven road surfaces, as well as making cornering tighter and less ‘floppy’.

Causes of Rear Suspension Noise

Unlubricated Parts

One of the most common reasons why your suspension may be creaky is due to a lack of lubrication. Lubricant is needed to allow the various parts of your suspension to move as they should, and a lack can cause the metal parts to grind together, causing an irritating squeaking sound.

Aging Ball Joints

If the squeaking in your rear suspension occurs more often when turning corners, then it is likely the issue lies with the suspension ball joints. The ball joints are pivoting points between the wheels and suspension, allowing them to move freely. If these are damaged or not working properly it is likely that turning will not be smooth. This will be accompanied by clunking or squealing sounds.

Damage to Suspension Bushing

Bushing is the cushioning mounted to the joints of your suspension system. Made of rubber, these help absorb any excess vibrations from the joints, also minimizing noise. If the bushing is damaged or worn out, these joints will not be cushioned, leading to extra vibrations and noise emissions.

Seeking Repairs

If you drive a Mercedes and are concerned about the Mercedes Suspension Issue Check noises coming from your rear suspension, or just feel your suspension could do with some TLC, contact Hayes European. We specialize in European imported vehicles and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We service the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola areas of California. The knowledgeable team at Hayes European will have you back on the road in no time, enjoying your Mercedes as it is meant to be enjoyed, smooth and squeak-free!

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