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Volvos are reliable vehicles that have been built to last. When you purchase a Volvo, you know that it is safe and dependable. The best way to keep it this way is by paying close attention to the signs that point to certain parts needing to be replaced.

The suspension bushings are important parts of your Volvo that help to provide a smooth ride. So knowing the reasons behind their failure and what signs to look for will help ensure you Volvo remains safe and reliable.

The Suspension Bushings

The primary function of the suspension bushings is to absorb and minimize the damaging vibrations and shocks that are produced by your Volvo. Suspension bushings are attached to multiple parts of the suspension system in order to do their primary job. Some of these parts include the control arms, trailing arms, shock absorbers, steering joints, and sway bars.

The suspension bushings are usually made out of rubber and can be seen mounted on the parts previously mentioned. In addition to acting as shock absorbers, the suspension bushings are responsible for holding the suspension system in place.

Reasons Behind Suspension Bushings Failure

Before you can determine what signs to look for if the suspension bushings fail, you have to know the reasons why they fail. The first reason is rough road conditions. If you are constantly driving your Volvo on less than ideal road conditions, the suspension bushings will fail quicker than usual. Rough road conditions include any unpaved road or a road that has many potholes. These conditions cause your Volvo’s suspension system to work harder than normal. All of this added shock and vibrations can quickly damage the suspension bushings.

The second reason behind suspension bushing failure is corrosive fluid leaks. Oil and other fluid leaks can cause serious damage to the suspension bushings. As the suspension bushings are made out of rubber, if any of these fluids leak onto it, they will corrode. This is especially true for when the leaking fluids are hot because they have been circulating through the engine. The oil and other fluids will eat away at the rubber suspension bushings, causing them to fail sooner than expected.

One last reason behind suspension bushings failure is exposure to the elements. When the suspension bushings are exposed to extreme heat or cold, they will deteriorate at an accelerated speed. Not only will the temperature around your Volvo negatively affect the suspension bushings, dirt and debris can find their way in as well. Once this occurs, cracks will appear in the suspension bushings.

Signs of Suspension Bushings Failure

Now that you know the reasons behind suspension bushing failure, it is time to learn about what signs to look for in order to determine if failure is happening or not. The first sign is excessive rattling or squeaking when driving on rough roads. This will occur because the suspension bushings are no longer holding the suspension together so it is not able to absorb shock as it should.

The second sign to look for is noticeable shaking coming from the front of your Volvo. Even though the suspension system is throughout the entire Volvo, a majority of it is at the front. So the shaking indicates that there is an issue with the suspension bushing because it is no longer able to absorb the vibrations coming from the engine.

The third sign is clunking sounds when you are turning or braking. As the suspension bushings hold the suspension together, if these parts have failed, then there is nothing securing the suspension parts in place. This will cause clunking sounds when turning or braking because the suspension parts are shifting around inside your Volvo.

Fixing the Suspension Bushings

As you can see, the suspension bushings Volvo Suspension Check play a crucial role in the overall smooth function of your Volvo. When you notice any of the above signs, it is time to bring your Volvo in for servicing at Hayes European.

Hayes European is easily accessible from the areas of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA. When you make an appointment with us, we use the latest and most up to date technologies to determine what suspension bushings have failed and the reason behind the failure. We always use high-quality parts in our repairs so you and your Volvo can be safely back on the road in no time.

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