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Volvo has a reputation as one of the most sought-after luxury vehicles. The company has strived to make people’s lives easier, safer, and better by manufacturing reliable luxury vehicles since its inception in 1927. Acquiring a Volvo is an investment in luxury, and every investment must be protected; this means proper maintenance in the case of your Volvo.

Sticking with the factory-designed maintenance plans for your Volvo will help detect problems in its early stage and prevent your vehicle from irreparable damage. Preventive maintenance helps preserve the reliability and longevity of your Volvo. It also saves time and money spent on more expensive repairs that could have been prevented by routine maintenance.

Tips for Maintaining Your Volvo

While vehicle maintenance may cost you a few bucks, replacements or emergency repairs cost more. Discussed below are some routine inspections that should be conducted during routine maintenance:

Oil And Oil Filter Change

Oil is the blood of your vehicle, and it is responsible for keeping all the moving parts lubricated and running smoothly. Over time, the oil becomes contaminated when fine particles of dust and dirt mix with it. This affects the smooth lubrication of the moving parts and causes them to grind against each other, resulting in the accelerated wear of these parts.

The oil filter is designed to keep unwanted, damaging particles out of your engine to protect the moving parts from accelerated wear. When the oil filter is left unchanged for an extended period, unwanted particles make their way into the engine, contaminating its smooth running. Frequent oil change and oil filter replacement will help prevent the undue wear of these parts. It is best to have your oil filter checked every time you get an oil change. Experienced mechanics recommend getting an oil change every three months for busy drivers.


Apart from the oil in your vehicle, there are other fluids and coolants responsible for the effective functioning and cooling of your engine. These fluids deplete from constant usage. When this happens, the various components they lubricate are at an increased risk of damage. Driving your vehicle with a low fluid level may cause accelerated wear and tear of parts, and consequently, the parts would need replacements.

You should always ensure that the fluids in your vehicle are at the recommended levels. Have your mechanic check your fluid levels and refill them whenever you stop by your service center for a routine oil change.


Some drivers underestimate the importance of good tires. When your tires have the wrong air pressure, the result is an uneven tire rotation. Uneven tire rotation causes uneven wear of your tires, causing them to need early replacement.

Good tires help you get increased gas mileage and reduce wear and tear. It also prevents the engine from overworking to compensate for the bad tires. Whenever you notice an issue with your tires, you should investigate it promptly because it may be due to other faulty parts, i.e. the suspension.

Conducting preventive maintenance will go a long way to help you save money in the long run. You don’t have to wait until something breaks down to fix it because not only will this cause you unnecessary delay, most times, it always costs more to fix. You should take time out of your busy schedule for routine maintenance.

Hayes European: Expert European Automobile Service Facility

Whether it is scheduled maintenance, inspection, oil change, electrical diagnosis, engine repair, transmission repair, Volvo Oil Filter Change for your Volvo, our goal at Hayes European is to provide every customer with the best quality service.

At Hayes European, we understand that not every problem with your car is an emergency. However, quality preventative maintenance will go a long way to help avoid such emergencies. Our experienced and certified mechanics understand the signs and symptoms of European vehicle problems and know how to repair it before it becomes a significant headache to deal with.

Our technicians are experts in luxury European, Japanese, and American autos. All repairs are performed using the latest diagnostic and special factory equipment to provide dealership-level service and maintenance.

We are located in Santa Cruz, CA and have provided quality service to drivers in the surrounding areas of Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola since 1995. Call us today to schedule repairs for your Volvo or to speak with a mechanic about our available service and maintenance plans.

* Volvo V60 image credit goes to: teddyleung.

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