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The steering wheel one of the most integral part of your vehicle. If you find your steering wheel is not working property, it can be terrifying. This issue can be dangerous to you and to other drivers and lead to an accident. In this article we will discuss some common problems with the Audi‘s steering column and when to take it in for service.

What is the steering column?

The steering column helps the driver steer the car. It is the top part of the steering system and is attached between the steering wheel and the steering mechanism. It also contains your ignition housing. So when you turn your steering wheel, the steering column transfers torque power to the shaft and pinion. This tells the wheels to turn right or left.

Symptoms of a Defective Steering Column

A faulty steering column can be deadly. Don’t leave the issue unchecked. It can impact your ability to drive your car and steer correctly. Faults in this system puts your life and the lives of your passengers and other drivers at risk. Below are some common symptoms of a bad steering column.

Key Won’t Start the Car

If you are having trouble getting your key to start your Audi, the steering lock could have an issue. The lock is in place to make it hard to steal your vehicle. Your key must be used to unlock the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel is Off Center

If your steering wheel is off center, this can be caused by a fault in your steering column. It could also be due to low tire pressure.

Strange Noises

When you turn your steering wheel, you may hear clunking or squeaking noises. These noises are caused by a failed component in the steering column.

Cannot Tilt the Steering Wheel

Being able to change the angle of the steering wheel can make it easier for you to drive your car. If you can no longer change the tilt of the wheel, a component inside the column has malfunctioned.

Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn

Your steering wheel should turn smoothly. If you are having a hard time turning it, it could be due to faulty gaskets and gears.

Unusual Tire Wear

Tires are designed to wear evenly. If you notice that your tires have an unusual wear pattern, this can be due to a steering column issue, low air pressure, or misalignment.

What else could be causing these issues?

Here are some reasons you may be having issues with your steering column:

Low Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid is needed for you to be able to steer your car easily. When the fluid is low, it will be hard to turn the wheel.

Damaged Belt

All belts in your car will wear out over time. This includes your power steering belt. When it fails, you will not be able to steer your car.

Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure can make it hard to maneuver your vehicle. Always make sure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. Also, when pressure is low, tires are also more susceptible to tire blowouts.

Defective Steering Rack

Your steering rack can get damaged over time. If you are only having trouble steering your car when it first starts up, it is probably a faulty steering rack. Once you begin to drive, the car warms up. It will become easier to steer because the steering rack heats up and gets lubricated.

Let Us Help

If you are having trouble steering your Audi, let us help. Don’t take any chances driving your Audi with a defective steering column. The Audi Steering Column Issue Fix technicians at Hayes European can troubleshoot your issue and get you safely back on the road.

Steering issues aren’t just a hassle, they are also a safety liability. When you experience a problem, your car can become nearly impossible to drive. Do not put yourself or others around you in danger by putting your car on the road.

If you are in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, or Capitola, CA areas and need service or regular maintenance on your Audi, give Hayes European a call today. You can reach us at 831-269-5858 or come see us at 1010 17th Avenue in Santa Cruz.

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