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The Mercedes-Benz is well-known for luxury and performance. Its stunning design paired with advanced technology makes it an ideal choice for consumers of all backgrounds. Just take a look down any highway or neighborhood, both bustling families and young professionals, and you will find many models of the Mercedes Benz. This undeniable versatility is what makes the Mercedes brand so successful.

However, as great Mercedes is as a brand, this vehicle does have its fair share of problems. These issues range from easy fixes to all-out complex repairs. Because of the severity of the more severe complications, Mercedes-Benz owners typically have an on-call mechanic that they rely on.

Oil leaking from your engine mount is one of the more common issues that Mercedes owners face. Since this issue involves the engine, failure to address it could result in expensive repairs or replacements down the line. In order to properly address this problem, it’s best to understand all aspects of it. We’ll begin by outlining the role of the engine mount, determine where the leaks are coming from, discuss common signs, and advise how you can properly address engine mount leaks.

What is an engine mount?

The engine mount is responsible for keeping your engine in place. This rubber feature keeps your engine from rubbing against your car’s interior. Much like a frame of a photograph, this key piece protects your engine from moving around the vehicle while driving. Any damage done to the mount will inevitably affect how well your engine performs.

Reasons Why Your Engine Mount Leaks Oil

There are several reasons why your engine mount could leak oil. Since this piece works hand-in-hand with your engine, it’s exposed to the same oil that keeps your engine running. Unfortunately, if there’s a hole within your mount, this causes the oil from the engine to leak- thus causing a massacre of problems. Your engine mount is also filled with liquid oil. When this piece is penetrated through physical damage or general wear, this also causes unforeseen leaks within your Mercedes.

Key Signs to Look For

Since you don’t have a camera that peers deep into your engine, noticing leaks immediately is challenging. However, your Mercedes will give you clear hints that indicate it is in need of immediate servicing. Let’s consider a few.

If your engine is vibrating or shaking more than usual, it is probably time to get it checked out by a Mercedes expert. This is especially evident when your car isn’t moving. Another sign of a possible oil leak is that same vibrating or jolting sensation when you attempt to switch gears. Since the Mercedes is known for having smooth transitions, this requires immediate attention. Drivers may also hear squeaking noises as they switch from idle to drive.

Vibrations don’t just occur throughout the body of your car. It also manifests in your steering wheel. Excessive shakes or vibrations stemming from your steering wheel may mimic the signs of needing an alignment. In order to properly pin-point this issue, take your Mercedes to a mechanical expert. They will be able to diagnose this issue and offer a lasting solution.

How to Avoid This Issue

Avoiding leaks within your Mercedes is challenging. You can take great care of your car and still run into surprise complications. What you can do, however, is pay attention to how you are driving your car. Steer clear of pushing it beyond its abilities or driving on rough terrain intentionally.

Next, keep up with your service appointments. A mechanic can spot potential issues before they worsen. This is key to avoiding surprise repairs or unexpected replacements. Finally, be cognizant of what you are putting in your vehicle. If you are purchasing cheap oil or fuel, your chances of experiencing issues automatically increase. Instead, opt for quality products, especially in high-end vehicles like the Benz. You will experience a smoother drive with minimal difficulties.

How We Will Help

The automotive experts from Hayes European Mercedes Oil Changehave proudly serviced Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA areas. We have the skills and expertise needed to diagnose issues with your Benz, both big and small. If you notice issues with your engine mantle, bring it over to us. We will immediately inspect your car for any issues and provide a thorough service at an affordable price.

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