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Mercedes are known for their craftsmanship, durability, luxury, and comfortable interior cabin. Although the manufacturing line is held to the utmost standards, even Mercedes owners will sometimes have to deal with failing parts and leaks. This is why regular maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections are so crucial. If you believe you have a transmission leak, it is essential to understand how it happened, the signs to look out for, and whether you can drive with this type of issue going on inside your car.

It is inadvisable to drive your car with a transmission leak. There could be a debate about a safe leak versus an unsafe leak, but without a trained professional looking at your vehicle, you will not know precisely what is truly happening. Transmission fluid is flammable, so if it leaks on other engine components, a fire can occur, putting you and your passenger in danger.

A leaking transmission could also cause a hole in your gearbox or jam the gears, where they are stuck in one gear only. This is obviously dangerous.

Transmission fluid is also called transmission oil because part of its job is to provide proper lubrication. Unfortunately, not repairing a transmission leak as soon as possible could cause significant damage, since the lubrication is not provided.

Possible Reasons for Transmission Leaks

There are several ways your transmission can get a leak. First, you could have a hole in your transmission pan. The transmission pan is on the underside of your car, and it is designed to hold transmission fluid. Unfortunately, it can be damaged by rocks, pebbles, and other road debris.

You could have a broken transmission pan gasket. The gasket is a piece of rubber that sits between the transmission housing and the transmission pan. This seal is a tiny part of your car, but it is a critical piece of the transmission system. If it breaks or is not functioning the way it is designed, the transmission fluid will begin to leak instead of providing lubrication.

Your drain plug might not be as tight as it should be. When the drain plug is not tightened correctly, fluid can easily leak out of the pan. On the other hand, if it is too tight, the threading on the plug could be damaged, which will also cause a leak.

Finally, you could have a crack in the torque converter. The torque converter sends the transmission fluid throughout your car. So if there is a crack in it, it will leak from the place of the break.

The Signs of a Transmission Leak

If you are unsure whether your transmission is leaking, keep on reading for the three most common symptoms of a transmission leak in your Mercedes:

  • A puddle on the ground: The most obvious sign of a transmission leak is finding a puddle on the ground where your car was parked. If you are concerned this might be happening but have not noticed anything, place a newspaper or cloth under your engine and check back in a few hours. Most leaks start out small, so if you catch it early, it can save you money on repairs.
  • Low transmission fluid levels: A common thing to notice is that your transmission fluid is lower than it should be. Ensure that your vehicle technician checks all your fluid levels every time you get service on your Mercedes. They should fill the reservoir to the maximum level but never exceed the max.
  • Issues while driving: The final thing you might notice is actual issues and changes in the way your Mercedes shifts gears. Usually, shifting gears should be a smooth process. However, you may notice a lag during the shift or that your car shakes when shifting if there is a leak in the transmission fluid.

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