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Having a comfortable ride even on rough terrain more often than not influences one’s choice of car. We all prefer a ride in which we are shielded from the effects of bad roads and rough surfaces. Volkswagen is one of the most reliable vehicles available in the market today. The car offers safety, performance, and elegance in an affordable package that enables drivers to get around hassle free and in total comfort.

For many Volkswagen drivers, uncomfortable rides are usually the least of their worries. This is because the vehicle manufacturer has put in place measures to ensure that the cabin of the vehicle is comfortable for the occupants by fitting rear springs.

How They Work

Rear springs are vehicle components that are meant to absorb the impact of the rear wheels of the car as the car goes over uneven road surfaces. These springs therefore make the cabin of the vehicle comfortable for the occupants.

In addition to shock absorption, these springs also prevent the underside of the car from scraping on the ground. This prevents the chassis from being damaged from the friction that comes from rubbing onto speed bumps or scraping against deep potholes if the car is too low.

Causes of Broken Rear Springs

Wear and tear has been identified as one of the major causes of broken rear springs. This wear can happen slowly over time or the process can be hastened by external factors such as salty water that corrodes the struts that are used to fasten the springs in place. Continuous rough driving can also cause the springs to break or the struts to loosen up after a while, creating the same problem.

Symptoms of Broken Rear Springs

Some of the effects of broken rear springs in a Volkswagen are usually characterized by failure of the suspension on the rear side of the car. This makes it impossible for the car to absorb the shock of driving on uneven roads, leaving the occupants to feel the impact of driving on poor roads. Broken rear springs also leave the entire weight of the car to be supported by the rear wheels, causing premature wear of the wheels.

Broken rear springs also make it difficult to steer the car, especially when carrying heavy loads. This difficulty becomes even more pronounced when negotiating corners, making it unsafe to drive broken rear springs.

How to Fix Broken Rear Springs

While the rear springs can be easy and straightforward to replace, it is highly recommended that you drive your Volkswagen straight into a professional auto repair shop as soon as you notice any sign that the rear springs are broken. Taking a close look at the rear springs will help you to ascertain whether or not they are broken. If they are, you should slowly and carefully drive the car to your mechanic. This is because the replacement process requires some heavy lifting and correct removal and re-installation of shocks and struts.

In addition, this seemingly small task can create further car troubles for you within a short time of changing the rear springs if you don’t get it right the first time. This will not only add to your woes but will also cost you more money in repairs that could have been avoided.

Getting a trusted certified auto technician to replace the broken rear springs in your Volkswagen Volkswagen Suspension Check cannot be stressed enough. This is because they will likely have quality replacement parts which will ensure that you don’t have to keep replacing the rear springs in your car. Additionally, a certified technician will also have the right tools to use when replacing the springs since they would likely know the weight of the car and use the right kind of support. Using the inappropriate support to hoist the rear of the car during the replacement process can cause unnecessary accidents.

At Hayes European, we offer guaranteed satisfaction to our customers by ensuring that they get nothing but quality replacements and servicing for their European brands including the Volkswagen. We are available for all vehicle owners in and around Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capital, CA. Give us a call today and we’ll ensure that your Volkswagen is comfortable to ride in again as soon as possible.

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