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Glowing lights illuminating from the dashboard of your automobile are typically not a good sign. This may be especially true if you are lucky enough to own a Porsche, since repairs on these finely-tuned machines can run on the expensive side. When problems make themselves apparent in your automobile, you must take care of them no matter how expensive you think the problem may be to repair.

One light on the dashboard that you certainly want to take notice of is the ABS warning light. The car’s ABS, or Anti-lock Braking System, is crucial in bringing your car to a stop when the tires lose traction in slick conditions. Since 2013, every passenger automobile manufactured is required to have an ABS system installed. It is especially important to ensure that it’s working during rainy conditions or if you live in a locale that sees heavy icing and snowfall in the winter.

What causes a glowing ABS warning light?

The cause of your ABS warning light coming on could be a minor issue, such as a blown fuse or insufficient brake fluid. These issues can be easily fixed and are relatively inexpensive. However, there could be a more serious problems arising with your anti-lock braking system that the light is signaling. One possible reason is the failure of a hydraulic pump or valve within the system. If the ABS system cannot collect sufficient data during the startup of the vehicle, the ABS light will turn on to signal a potential problem. Another common problem that would lead to the ABS light being triggered is a faulty wheel speed sensor. The wheel speed sensors work with the ABS system, and if the wheel speed sensor relays to the ABS system that one of the tires is not moving fast enough, the ABS system will remedy the problem by releasing brake fluid pressure. Maintaining the proper fluid level is also important in an ABS system, and if the fluid level drops to a certain amount, the ABS light will also come on.

What should you do in the event of a glowing ABS warning light?

If you first notice the light illuminate while you are on the road, you should pull over at your earliest convenience, shut the car off, and then start it. Sometimes, it is the light itself that is in error, and simply turning the car off and then back on will give the system a chance to recheck the sensors and ensure that there is nothing wrong with your anti-lock braking system. Admittedly, this is a long shot and you will more likely than not need to take your car in for further inspection by a trained technician. In the meantime, your Porsche is safe to drive, absent of any other brake lights being illuminated.

If there are other brake warning lights lit in addition to the ABS warning light, you must stop driving the car immediately and take it in for service. If the ABS warning light is the only light illuminated, you still need to take care while driving and avoid any situation where skidding is possible, as your ABS system may not be working properly and may not be able to assist in bringing the car to a complete stop.

Finding the Right Repair Shop For Your Porsche

Now that you realize that there is an error in your ABS system, it is time to find a trustworthy mechanic that will handle your beloved Porsche with kid gloves. Porsche ABS Issue Fix You didn’t shell out all that money on a Porsche for it to be manhandled by a careless mechanic. This is precisely the reason why you need to bring your automobile to Hayes European.

Hayes European provides the quality service you expect out of an import repair shop at a much lower cost than you would expect. We repair anti-lock braking systems as frequently as the mechanics at your local dealership but at less cost to you. The only difference is the friendly, personable service you will receive at Hayes European. If you live anywhere in the Santa Cruz area, including Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA, you should bring your Porsche in the next time your car needs servicing.

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