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All vehicles are susceptible to overheating, and if you are a vigilant driver, you will easily notice when your car starts overheating. The thermometer located on the dashboard of your Volkswagen is the instrument responsible for measuring the overall temperature, which should be between 375-400 Fahrenheit. When the temperature of your Volkswagen exceeds this parameter, then your engine becomes overheated.

Several reasons might cause the overheating of your Volkswagen. No matter the cause, it is dangerous to drive in an overheating car. If you find yourself in this situation, pull over somewhere safe, park the car, and turn off the engine. Call for help from our certified mechanics.

Common Causes of an Overheating Engine

There are a myriad of reasons why your Volkswagen will overheat. Some of these reasons are listed here below:

  • Faulty cooling system: A faulty cooling system is the most common cause of overheating in your Volkswagen. The radiator, water pump, head gasket, various hoses, and the engine thermostat make up parts of your engine’s cooling system. If any of the parts mentioned above become faulty, your car will overheat.
  • Contaminated coolant: The coolant in your car is supposed to be clear fluid, free of dirt and sludge. Over time, the coolant might get contaminated and block the hoses that transport the coolant around the engine. When the hoses get blocked, the engine will overheat.
  • Wrong coolant mixture: The proper ratio for the coolant mixture in your car is 1:1. That means the water and coolant are supposed to be mixed in equal measure. If by any chance there is an unequal balance in the mixture, your car may overheat.
  • Damaged water pump: The water in your car is as important as the coolant. It should be refilled from time to time as part of your maintenance schedule. If the water pump leaks or becomes completely broken, it will cause your Volkswagen to overheat.

Watch for These Indicators

Your Volkswagen will exhibit some of the signs listed below when it starts to overheat:

The temperature warning light is illuminated

The dashboard of your Volkswagen is a hub of many warning lights, and the engine temperature gauge is one of them. When the temperature of your engine exceeds the ideal heat range for proper functionality, the temperature warning light will come on to alert you.

Smoke from under the hood

When your car overheats, you will notice white steam coming from the hood of your vehicle. This should only come out from under the hood of your Volkswagen when the pressure on the cooling system is beyond normal and it must relieve this hot pressure. Driving your vehicle in such a condition might cause irreparable damage to the cooling system requiring you to replace expensive engine parts. It’s best to turn off the engine and call for a tow.

The repair is often cheaper than replacement; hence, calling a Volkswagen specialist immediately when you notice the white steam will go a long way in helping you to save cost.

Faulty head gasket

The head gasket is a very important component in your Volkswagen. It is located on the cylinders and helps seal them to prevent coolant and hydraulic oil leakage. If the head gasket becomes faulty, it is called “blown.” When your car overheats, the head gasket might get blown and impair the functions of the engine. But you can prevent the occurrence of blown head gaskets in your Volkswagen by parking your car when it starts overheating and allowing it to cool down before attempting to refill lost coolant and driving it to our mechanic.

Trust Hayes European to Solve Overheating Issues in Your Volkswagen

If your Volkswagen is experiencing constant overheating issues, bring it to our experts at Hayes European. We are the leading Auto repair shop in Volkswagen Water Pump Check the whole of Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA.

When you bring your Volkswagen to our shop, we listen to your needs before carrying out diagnostic tests and a visual inspection. The results will be readily communicated to you, including all options for repairs or replacements at affordable prices.

Our experts are ASE-certified and have all it takes to offer nothing less than premium quality repairs and maintenance services. We also use factory-grade tools for all our repairs. At Hayes European, no car problem is too big or too small. Kindly contact us right now to book an appointment with our experts.

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