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Volkswagens are steady and reliable vehicles. German engineering in general is built for reliability and longevity. You want to keep your VW running at its full extent for high performance, which means keeping up with routine maintenance and safety checks. Unfortunately, VWs are known for having small issues with electrical components and wiring. To keep them in check, it is important to know what to look for as far as symptoms of wiring harness failure.

Signs of Wiring Harness Failure in your VW

Faulty wiring or the failure of the wiring harness in general can cause a lot of electrical issues within your vehicle that can impede performance. It is important to pay attention to the signs of wiring issues so your vehicle doesn’t give out on you.

Dead Battery

Issues with wiring can cause your battery to die or to lose charge quickly. You may be able to get it up and running again, but if the wiry is faulty, it is unlikely to last. It may even lead to a waste of money trying to get a battery replacement when the wiring is the actual problem.

Inconsistent Revving and Idling

If your vehicle is having electrical issues, your car will try to go into limp mode to warn you that there is a defect. Idling and inconsistent revving of your engine can be the most obvious signs of electrical failure in your car.

Lurching and Stuttering

Electrical issues can also manifest as a lurching of your engine, as your sensors cannot function properly with wiring issues sending the wrong messages. Your engine may also begin to stutter, as your car goes into limp mode due to electrical faults to try to preserve what it can as you get it to a service center.

Lights Dimming or Failing

Because most of your wiring is connected, if your electrical system is failing, you may notice your headlights or internal lights dimming, flickering, or going out altogether.

Causes of Wiring Harness Failure

The wiring in your vehicle is significant to nearly every component functioning the way that it should. If your vehicle is having issues with faults in the wiring that is causing shortages in your system, it could be due to a multitude of things.

Incorrect Wiring

VW’s have been reported to have a few issues with incorrect wiring. Wiring harnesses are not built to suit all machines, which means that the incorrect apparatus can cause faults in the system that will ultimately stunt the performance. It can be anything from an issue that was missed during manufacturing to something that was moved out of place and not noticed because of a lack of routine maintenance.


Electrical components are easily prone to defects. Defective crimps or soldering can fail spontaneously if not done by an experienced technician. If the crimp or soldering is not secured properly, it can move or overheat after long periods. This can lead to short circuits and may need full replacement to actually fix the issue.

Poor Design

Any sort of error in design or manufacturing can cause big issues with your wiring harness. An improper layout, incorrect sizing, or just not being secured properly can cause any amount of issues with how your wiring system will function. If the harness is complex, something as simple as a missed wire or a frayed piece can make the whole system unstable.

Incorrect Components

If the wiring is the wrong size or wattage, the harness will be prone to overheating. This can lead to total wiring failure and short circuiting. This is why lights may dim or burn out, or your battery might consistently go dead or low charge.

Hayes European Will Fix Wiring Harness Failures

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