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The Audi is known for its high performance, elegant design, and utter class. Many drivers purchase this vehicle as a status symbol and a solid means to stand out. As wonderful as the Audi brand is, it still has its fair share of issues. To discuss various issues, Audi owners have started online forums as a means to seek relief. If you peruse through one of those forums, you’ll see a common issue throughout the posts regarding issues with the gear shift.

In order for your car to work properly, each piece needs to work in accordance with the other. If you’re struggling with your gear shift, let’s first consider how you can address this issue.

What does your gear shift do?

If you own an automatic vehicle, you have a gear shift compartment on your console. This is commonly referred to as “the gear shift” or “automatic transmission.” The PRNDL is the gear shifting commands that tell your car which way to go.

If any of these functions aren’t communicating properly with your car’s inner computer, movement of your Audi is often times dangerous and sometimes even impossible. Addressing these issues immediately is key to keeping your car in excellent condition and avoiding accidents.

What causes gear shift issues?

There are several reasons that could lead to gear shift issues in your vehicle. Let’s consider the most popular common problems and why they occur:

Gears Not Responding

If your car doesn’t answer to the given command, you may have a clutch issue on your hand. This may stem from a loose or overly worn clutch. Often times, a simple replacement is all that’s needed to address this problem.

ATF Leaks

Your automatic transmission survives on a special fluid called ATF, automatic transmission fluid. In the same way your engine runs on oil, your gear shift relies on this proper lubrication. Unlike traditional fluid leaks that are brown or black, this oil has a deep, red color. Drivers will typically notice this leak underneath their car as it will stain driveways or parking lots. Addressing this issue requires some prior car knowledge. Using a fill plug, you can check the transmission case to gauge your oil levels.

Excessive Grinding

When you switch gears, the transition should be smooth. However, when you notice grinding or shaking, this indicates a major problem. Often times, the root cause results in clutch issues. As mentioned earlier, the best way to combat this issue is to replace your clutch altogether.

Odd Burning Smells

If you notice that your car is exuding an odd smell, this may indicate a transmission issue. Often times, this occurs when your transmission is overheating. When the fluid that keeps your transmission lubricated gets too hot or leaks, this could result in a burning smell. In addition, if your transmission is running on low fluid, this could contribute to those odd smells.

Slipping Gears

When your gears are slipping, especially while driving, this could result in damage while driving. You would hate for your car to slip and go in reverse when you meant to go forward. Often times, issues with your suspension system are to blame. When your wheels aren’t communicating with your power source, this could contribute to gear slips. Addressing this issue immediately is key to avoiding possible wrecks.

How to Avoid and Address Gear Shift Issues

Since many of these issues stem from complex problems, getting professional help from a team of experts is in your best interest. Keeping your Audi serviced on a regular basis is key to catching problems early and avoiding expensive repairs or replacements.

We Will Help

The automotive experts of Hayes European proudly Audi Gear Repair service Audi vehicles and more in the Santa Cruz, Aptos, Soquel, and Capitola, CA areas. We have the latest tools and expertise needed to properly diagnose your Audi and get it back and running smoothly. If you’re facing issues with your gear shift, bring your car by today. You’ll never have to worry about being pressured to buy additional parts or services. We’ll go above and beyond to be here for you.

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