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Porsches are dependable vehicles that provide a superior driving experience.

Pressure accumulator is a component in Porsche that can be failed easily.

Bad pressure accumulator affects many components throughout the Porsche.

Pressure accumulator regulates fluid pressure that controls several systems.

If any of the parts fail, the accumulator unable to store and release pressure.

Common Indications of a Failed Pressure Accumulator

Poorly operating clutch or brake

Issues with the suspension

Air conditioning is not producing cold air

Illuminated warning lights

Why Does A Pressure Accumulator Fail?

Main reason behind the failed pressure accumulator is the pressure loss.

Pressure loss is often caused by failed valves, seals, and hydraulic lines.

Repairing The Pressure Accumulator In Your Porsche

There are several pressure accumulators located throughout the vehicle.

If the components are not installed correctly, your Porsche can be unsafe to drive.

Avoiding Pressure Accumulator Failure

If the pressure accumulator is failed in Porsche, then contact Hayes European.

Maintain the suspension

Use the AC

Do not abuse your brakes